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January Cruelty and Adoption Reports (Wood County Humane Society)

(Bowling Green)—The Wood County Humane Society (WCHS) employs a Humane Agent to investigate reports of neglect, cruelty, and abuse from concerned citizens, social services, health departments, and other law enforcement agencies. The following cruelty report was submitted by Humane Agent Debra Loprete for January 2015.


This past month Loprete handled a total of 31 cases—23 of which she successfully resolved, 8 of which are still pending further investigation. Of the 23 closed cases, 12 were filed with “no reason for concern,” 5 resulted in the administering of additional education, 1 resulted in owner surrender, 1 was filed as “unable to locate,” and 4 resulted in referrals to other agencies. Loprete also conducted 32 follow-ups to ongoing and/or closed cases during the month of January.


During January, the WCHS took a total of 15 cats and 21 dogs into the shelter. WCHS Shelter Manager Erin McKibben reported the following information about intakes. Of the cats, 10 were strays, 2 were surrenders, 1 was an abandonment, and 2 were returns. Of the dogs, 1 was a stray, 4 were surrenders, 7 were cruelty cases, 7were transfers, and 2 were returns. The WCHS also adopted out 33 cats and 16 dogs during the month of January.


The Wood County Humane Society, located in Bowling Green, Ohio, is a full-service, no-kill shelter providing care for homeless and abused pets and investigating cruelty complaints in Wood County. In addition, the organization assists Wood County residents with its Safe Haven and food assistance programs, spay/neuter transport, and educational presentations. The WCHS provides care for hundreds of animals each year—from dogs and cats, to horses, goats, and pocket pets. For information on adopting and/or volunteering, visit the WCHS’s website at: http://www.woodcountyhumanesociety.org/

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