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January 16, 2022 5:16 am


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“Jesus Lifted Me” A devotion by Pastor Ralph Mineo

I love Vacation Bible School! The children and youth energize me in spiritual and outward ways. We sing our annual signature song (“Blind Man”) twice daily (this year, it was three times, one day!) We sing of a blind man wanting to know the way to get “home.” We sing of Jesus telling us that he IS the way. Finally, we sing of ourselves, believing that Jesus is the way, the way to go home. “Home,” in the song is, I believe, being with God in our daily lives and for all eternity.

Another signature song of VBS is a song titled “I’m So Glad.” There are four verses. In the first verse, we sing that we’re so glad that Jesus lifts me. Therefore, we sing “Glory, Hallelujah, Jesus lifted me!”

In the second verse, we sing “when I was afraid, Jesus lifted me.” Again, we sing “Glory, Hallelujah…”

In the third verse, we sing “when I was in darkness, Jesus gave me light.” Then of course, we sing the refrain once more “Glory, Hallelujah…”

Then comes my favorite part. I keep strumming the guitar and ad lib a story. I tell of the time that the apostles were in a boat and they saw Jesus walking on the water. “Yes, walking on the water!” Peter calls out and asks, “Can I walk on water, too? And, Jesus says, YES!” So, Peter gets out of the boat, and starts walking on the water. “Yes, walking! Walking on the water!”

But a storm came up. Rain. Thunder. Lightening. Big, big waves! Then Peter was afraid. He began to sink. Sink! Sink! Sink! (I’m practically on the floor at this point!) Jesus comes to Peter and reaches out his hand. He grabs Peter and pulls him out of the water.

“And Peter sing:” (here, the whole group of 100 people sing together) “I’m so glad, Jesus lifted me. I’m so glad, Jesus lifted me. I’m so glad, Jesus lifted me, singing Glory, Hallelujah, Jesus lifted me! Singing Glory, Hallelujah, Jesus lifted me! “

People of God, whether your heart or soul, mind or body, has spiritual blindness, if you’ve lost the way, or if you feel overwhelmed or afraid, when your life is like a terrible storm, know that Jesus is standing at the road of your life. He is the way! He’ll lift you out of the storm!

With Jesus, spiritual blindness, or spiritual drowning, even spiritual death, isn’t an option. He’ll get you home. He’ll lift you up. He’ll love you, in your daily life, and for all eternity!

Glory, Hallelujah!

2 Responses

  1. Thank you, Pastor Ralph, for reminding me that God will continue to lift me in all my obstacles of life. And for that I am very grateful!

  2. Very inspirational and up lifting makes one stop and think of all we are grateful for even when things seem to be wrong in our lives.

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