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Latta Introduces Rural Broadband Resolution

Latta Introduces Rural Broadband Resolution
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green), Co-Chair of the bipartisan Rural Broadband Caucus, has introduced a resolution expressing a sense of the House of Representatives that any infrastructure legislation to promote broadband Internet access or communications facilities deployment must treat all broadband and communications facilities in a competitively and technologically neutral manner. Latta has previously advocated for the inclusion of increased broadband access as part of any transportation package passed by Congress.
“Efforts to upgrade our nation’s infrastructure should include the expansion and deployment of broadband in order to help close the ‘digital divide’ that exists between rural and urban communities,” said Latta. “In that same vein, it’s important that we establish a world class communication network that contains a robust and diverse mix of wireline, wireless, cable, and other technologies. As Congress begins to discuss an infrastructure package, it’s important that we treat different forms of technology equally in order to meet our communications needs. Increasing access to high-speed Internet is an economic and quality of life issue for rural communities across the country.” 
The entire resolution can be viewed here.

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