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September 22, 2021 5:14 pm


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Leipsic Numbers Too Much for Tigers

by JP MIklovic
fotos by Ferg will be coming up later…

North Baltimore┬áhosted Leipsic for Homecoming 2016. The young Tigers came out wanting to make a statement, and did, taking the lead 20 – 14 after the first quarter.

But the Vikings, currently tied for 2nd in the BVC, just had too many numbers for out-manned NB. Leipsic with close to 40 players on the side line (NB is down to around 20 with mounting injuries to key players), and over 600 yards in total offense (NB had 313) and 12 penalties (for 110 yards) on the Tigers, Leipsic shut NB down after the first quarter, for a 60 – 20 win.

Brady Rader hit Chase Naugle for a 7 yard TD pass with four minutes gone in the game, to take the 6 – 0 lead (Noah Brian’s kick was wide left). Leipsic quickly came back, in about 90 seconds, to get their first score, the kick was good, Leipsic leads 7 – 6.

NB did not let down and the offense moved down the field, culminating in a Rader pass to Levi Gazarek, from 9 yards out, the kick was good for a 13 – 7 NB lead.

But the Vikings again quickly responded with another score, in about 60 seconds, to retake the lead 14 – 13, with the good PAT. But in the next 60 seconds the Tigers scored again, as Rader again hit Gazarek in the corner of the end zone, from 10 yards out. NB had the lead for the final time, 20 – 14 as the exciting first quarter expired.

NB struggled with penalties in the 2nd quarter, seeing their offensive drives going the wrong direction. Leipsic opened up their running attack to score three times, wearing the Tigers down, taking the half time lead 35 – 20.

NB played with a lot of heart, while suffering some key injuries and having so many young players having to play both offense and defense, the fatigue factor played a major role. NB will have to get healthy fast, as they travel to Arcadia, to face the hungry Red Skins next Friday.


NB had 228 yards passing, as Rader hit 22 of 41, with one interceptions and three touchdowns. David Patterson had 7 catches for 79 yards. Gazarek had four catches for 65 yards and 2 TD’s.

Kole Wymer picked up 56 yards on 10 carries to lead the Tiger’s running game.


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