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Let Your Light Shine

Pastor Ralph J. Mineo

A newspaper reporter in London happened across a fisherman one Easter Day. In the conversation, the fisherman was clearly excited about Easter. The skeptical reporter asked: “How do you know that Christ is Risen?” The fisherman pointed in the distance to some cottages on the cliffs. He explained that, when out at sea, when he first sees the sun reflecting in those windows at sunrise, it’s a true and clear indication that the sun if rising.

“How do I know Jesus is Risen?” he continues. “The love and grace of Christ are reflected in the lives of my family, my friends, and others believers. In this way I experience the Risen Christ.”

Jesus once taught that one of the holiest places where God dwells is WITHIN US. “The Kingdom of God is within you.” As Paul taught it: “You yourselves are God’s Temple, and the Holy Spirit dwells within you.”

Easter, the Resurrection of our Lord, makes a difference in the way we live! The Resurrection of Jesus makes our lives a Temple of God!

This means that our lives reflect the love and grace of God. This is reflected in countless ways, especially in forgiveness, service, generosity, care for the poor, tolerance, kindness, praise and worship, compassion, gentleness, judging not, letting God’s light shine through us.

To be clear, this is NOT a list of things to do that we might attain eternal lift. No, that was the work of Jesus, once, for all. With the light of his resurrection living within us, it reflects outward into the world. Our sin and disobedience to God’s will prevent our light from shining.

We pray: “God forgive us. In Christ, let your light shine through us. Amen.”

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