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September 18, 2021 9:57 pm


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Letter to NB B-ball Fans – From Coach Kloepfer

15 March 2017

Dear North Baltimore Community,

Reflecting on last night (March 14) and our season was very difficult for me, as it always is for a coach at the end of a season, almost more so this time given our ‘Sweet 16” Regional appearance in Bowling Green.  Although the result was not what we all had hoped for, so many truly great moments happened throughout the year, a year when a bunch of young men came together and became a team, working together as one and taking down opponents with their all-out hustle and personal sacrifice for the greater good of the team.  These memories would not have been possible without the efforts of so many, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank them.

First, I want to thank the boys.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.  Your efforts and continued dedication to building the program are paying off, and I want you to know how proud I am of you all. Players understood their rolls and exceeded expectations.  Many times players sacrificed personal statistics for the good of the team.  As a coach, I set the bar high and demanded your best effort, and time after time you worked incredibly hard to meet those expectations, even when the situation seemed too difficult to overcome. You never quit, and I am very proud of you.  You pushed yourselves beyond what even you thought you could reach, an attitude and mindset that will serve you well beyond the doors of high school and into the adult world.  You helped this community believe, and we are all very grateful.

Thank you to the entire coaching staff, and I mean everyone from the varsity levels all the way to the elementary grades. You are what make this program go. The time you sacrifice for our young people is time well-invested and well-spent.  Please know that I appreciated your efforts very much. They are the key to building this program; none of this could have happened without you.  I am not going to try and name everyone for fear of accidentally missing someone—just please know how much I value your efforts.

Thank you to our parents, grandparents, and extended family for all of your support this season.  Whether it was providing transportation to practices, picking up kids after outings and games, assisting with snacks and team meals, the endless washing of laundry, fundraising, and working through all of the other craziness that a season can bring, you all have been there every step of the way for these kids.  Thank you so much!!

Risking the chance I may inadvertently leave someone out (my apologies ahead of time!), there are many in the Tiger supporting cast that I would also like to acknowledge, including our team managers our student manager, our trainer, our equipment manager and filmer, bus drivers, the scorer’s table staff, our statisticians and book keeper, and the cheerleaders.  Thank you to all the NB teachers, staff, and their families who shared their encouragement and showed their support, as well as the NB Administrative staff for their continued support.  Much gratitude also goes out to our local media experts for capturing the memories of the season through pictures and text. You have provided an awesome archive of this amazing experience, and I along with all of the parents, families, and community are very appreciative of your efforts.

Thank you to everyone involved in organizing and working at the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, and Tracy C for organizing the parents for the Feed the Team events each home game and the additional snack bags we had in the post season.  A special shout out to Mr. Pack and the NB Tiger Pep Band for being THE most outstanding pep band in the area, always getting the crowds involved with great music and cheers.   As you can see, it takes the efforts of so many individuals coming together to make it all happen, and these efforts are truly appreciated.

Finally, I extend a huge thank you to the North Baltimore Community for your absolutely amazing turnout this season, especially during our exciting tournament run.  It was an incredible feeling looking up in the stands and seeing wall-to-wall ‘WhoWeNation’ cheering their hearts out for these boys.   Your enthusiasm was unmatched!!  The boys fed off of the energy you brought to the game, as did the coaching staff. Your support was truly indescribable, and so much appreciated.  I also wanted to include Reinike’s generous tee shirt contribution for the community and continued support for the team and the NB fan base.   Some may say it was just a basketball game, but it was a positive rallying point for these boys and the entire community, something that we all need in a day and time when so many negatives happen daily.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Last night I heard a quote by Dr. Seuss—“Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened’.  Grateful we were all a little part of history last night.  I will remember it forever.

Thank you all!  Go Tigers!!

Coach Kloepfer

7 Responses

  1. Nicely said, John! It’s been a while since I’ve seen the town this excited about basketball (or any sport, really); and you have much to do with that. Personally, I appreciate your love of the game, coaching, and commitment to your team. Keep it up!

  2. Well said Coach! Our pleasure to support such a great school! Keep up the good work and Go Tigers!

  3. Great work John! Congrats to you and your Tigers! Well written gratitude! Your still a legend to this game!

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