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November 27, 2021 4:08 am


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Library J4T Group celebrates Chinese New Year

The ” Just for Teens ” (J4T ) group’s celebration of  Chinese New Year was a hit!  China City graciously donated zodiac placemats, fortune cookies, and chopsticks for the program.  Teens were given chopsticks ONLY to eat with and enjoyed a menu of white rice, pork fried rice and oranges.

Teens decided to eat at low tables while they shared their fortune cookie fortunes.

Casey Mowery finds a creative use for chopsticks.
Casey Mowery finds a creative use for chopsticks.
Teens chose to sit around low tables
Isabel Rhinehart uses chopsticks to peel an orange.
A J4T (Just for Teens) Chinese New Year celebration at NBPL, February 19th.

A traditional red envelope craft was offered.  Red envelopes are traditionally given to children with money inside that they have received from friends and relatives.

The staff at NBPL would like to thank China City for their generous support. 

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