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Lion’s Club Baked Steak Dinner Held for NB Christmas Lights

NB Lions club held their annual Baked Steak Dinner on March 23rd at the St. James United Methodist Church.

Lions serving up baked steak dinners – YUMMY!!!

Thank you to ALL the people who attended and Bless them by partaking in this delicious meal….

The winner of the 50-50 drawing was Mel Patterson ($400). The club’s share of the other $400 will be used to help purchase new Christmas Lights for the village for the year 2019. The Lions Club is teaming up with the NB Rotary Club to help under-right the costs for replacing NB’s 50 year old lights.

There will be another 50-50 drawing and Baked Steak Dinner next year, in March 2019.

Anyone wishing to help with the lighting project may do so by contacting any member of the Lions Club or NB Rotary….. thanks for support!!

Lion Eric Mays

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