North Baltimore, Ohio

October 24, 2021 4:54 pm


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Local Golf Course Suffers with Excessive Rain – AGAIN!!!

NOTE – This article originally posted on July 12, 2015! Here it is two years later and the weather has done it again!

North Baltimore is fortunate to have a fine eighteen hole golf course in Birch Run Golf Club! Unfortunately, a part of the course that gives it character, the confluence of the Rocky Ford Creek (from the south) and Ten Mile Creek (from the southwest), can cause flooding problems for those who love to chase that little while ball, and those who make their living doing so!

The excessive rain in June and July has ruined many golfing days, outings, parties and general outdoor fun for many in the area for weeks on end, not to mention the devastation that is happening to area crops! It sucks! But, as with everything there are “positives” that we must look for, so that we don’t kick the cat or dog and yell at the wife or TV.

With a suggestion for finding a kayak, from the Birch Run Club House Manager, Rick Redd “Reddly”, I rounded up a one-man canoe with out-riggers (thanks to my little brother Ron Miklovic) and headed out to the golf course.

I also got permission from Course Manager, Mark Kuligowski, to float around. But Kulio was not really amused, as HIS business is getting people on his little gem of a golf course, not entertaining silly people with nothing better to do.

I also arranged to have my buddy Bill Bucher to be my spotter and photographer.

This is about a day and a half after the flooding had crested and the water was down a couple of feet. I did not venture out into much current and was never really near the channel, as the current continued to be pretty strong flowing toward the various bridges. I as NOT going to get sucked away!

This is one occurrence where the 613 Ridge did not save us from nasty weather…

And here you have the results:

3 Responses

  1. Thanks Beep for the story, enjoyed seeing the “other side” of the golf course. TY to Buch too.

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