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Mashed Up, Broken Lives

from Pastor Ralph J. Mineo

A fellow pastor tells of an incident with her 20-month old child. The treat for the night was a blueberry pop-tart. Since the pop-tart, the mother recounts, was about the size of the child’s face, she broke it in half. No big deal? Right? Not at all!

With crying, the toddler tried to force the pop tart back together. The mother tried to reason with the toddler that a broken pop-tart couldn’t be put back together. The end result was a complete mashing of the treat.

This is a parable of brokenness! Our world in broken! In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus pointed to the lives of God’s children as being broken: there’s murder, anger, name-calling, conflict with brothers and sisters, financial disputes, adultery, lust, divorce.

We all have some type of brokenness. Not one of us could, or should, swear that we haven’t done any of the things that cause brokenness. In some way of other, each of us has broken the 10 Commandments. Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount to teach us and inspire us to have holy and healthy relationships with God and all our brothers and sisters in the world.

Truth is, we can’t do this on our own! We can’t fix our brokenness. Without God, without following the ways of God, brokenness begets brokenness. The more we try to live without God, our lives get mashed, devastated.

This cycle of brokenness needs to be broken! God sent Jesus to break the cycle. Jesus was fully committed to giving his life, DEATH ON A CROSS, to put us back together, to heal our brokenness, to forgive us, and to keep us as God’s children, as his own disciples.

To be disciples of Jesus, you might say there are three important words: YES, NO, and MAYBE! We say “YES” to Jesus. We follow him. We embrace his teachings. We say “NO” to following the ways of the devil, evil-doing, and sinful living. “MAYBE” doesn’t work here. We say “YES” to Jesus, and “NO” to the devil. There’s no “MAYBE.”

Choose this day. Choose YES to Jesus and NO to evil. Choose life, not death. Choose Jesus, not the devil.

Make your choice, please, for Jesus! Then, decide what you’ll do about that.

Your choice makes a difference. Jesus alone can put a mashed up life back together, even when everything seems to have crumbled. Chose Jesus this day!

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