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Matthew Oestreich, Wood County Auditor, has announced the distribution of the Real Estate, Public Utility tax, and Special Assessments for the first half 2018 settlement.  A total of $110,582,023 was collected and distributed including $3,289,267 for special assessments.  In addition $9,151,864 is to be reimbursed from the State Income Tax Funds, $6,383,985 in non-business credit, $946,181 in owner occupied credit, and $1,821,698 in homestead exemption monies. These represent tax reductions for qualifying properties.

The Board of Developmental Disabilities requested that the 2.95 mill voted developmental disabilities levy collection be reduced to collect 1.48 mills for this year due to sufficient fund balance. This provided tax relief of $51 annually on a $100,000 home.  Wood County currently maintains 75,259 individual land parcels of record and distributes the taxes to eighteen school districts, nineteen townships, and twenty-six cities and villages.  Wood County has over 100,000 individual special assessments, which are distributed to regional, county, municipal and township governments.  Examples include ditch construction and maintenance, sewer and water systems, street lighting, street cleaning, and tree maintenance programs.

Totals for the second half revenue distribution are as follows:

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