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May Troop 315 Newsletter

May Troop 315 Newsletter

When it comes to May,  Scouts get excited for the summer activities, camps, fundraiser and just plain FUN.  There is so much happening this summer, I hope all scouts get a chance to take part in either a camps or fundraiser.

All new scouts who crossed over in March will need a scout handbook.  I do have them and cost $15.00   This is the only handbook you’ll need throughout your Boy scout career so no need to change when you switch ranks  like in cubs.  Thank you new scouts and parents for joining Troop 315.  We are 30 scouts strong and because of all the leaders and parents who get involved with the program.  we can plan many outings.  In Wood County, we are considered a large troop.  Most troops are 6 – 20 youth strong so North Baltimore has been blessed to have a strong scouting presence in the community.  I want to thank Eric Trout and his Cub leaders for keeping the cub program strong

I encourage all my scouts to take part in fundraisers.  Scouts earn quite a bit at these events and help keep moms and dads from digging in the pockets too often.  G.I breakfast, G.O.S.T food booth, Luckey fest, Food Booth, Meat Stick and Wreath sales can really add up.

Summer camp reminders.  We have registered all scouts who paid for camp and the early bird discount has passed.  Any Webelos who are interested in camp can still register at the $277.00 price.  Scouts can still go to camp at the regular price.. $297.00  and hat will cost $8.00.  I will be submitting merit badge requests this week.

We will need BSA physicals from all scouts before June 1st to be able to attend camp.  In addition,  The talent release form needs signed and brought back at that time.  Below are the links to both forms

Talent Release Form—Talent-Release-Release-of-Scout-From-Camp-
BSA physical

Annual Health and Medical Record – Boy Scouts of America
Part C Pre-Participation Physical This part must be completed by certified and licensed physicians (MD, DO), nurse practitioners, or physician assistants.
Part A.B.C

The BSA Physical is a yearly requirement for scouts who attend resident camps that total 72 hours or more  Same as sports school physicals.  Most physicians will do both at one visit.

April 30 & May 6 will be preparation for the upcoming Armed forces Camp and Retro camp at Miakonda.  We will start our meeting on April 30 at 5:00pm to get things prepped. menus set and patrols listed on participation.  If you can come early,  we will have lots to do.

May 13    

I know I made a mistake earlier but Saturday May 13, morning , 7:30am We will leave for Maumee Ohio to take part in the Mining Merit Badge  Free to scouts and will include a BBQ for lunch.  I have room for 10 scouts to attend.    Please wear your class A shirt to the event.  Parents and leaders are welcome to attend.  If we have more than 11 people , I will need help driving

May 14  Mothers Day so no meeting

May 19  Armed Forces Day

We will leave  at 6:00pm  Class B for this camp,  Ed Kaman, Joe White, and Antheny Morrison will be the leaders in charge for this camp.  It is being held at the Millstream Fairgrounds in Findlay Ohio .  On Saturday we will pack up camp at 3:00pm and return back to the scout house.

May 19  100th Anniversary Camp at Miakonda Retro Camp.  

We will leave at 6:30pm  Have a full Green pre 70’s uniform.  Camp Miakonda is in Sylvania, Ohio  This camp is a celebration open to the public showcasing all scouting has offered over the years.  Our troop will be reliving scout antics, life and camping  in a pre 1960’s setting.  The day will end on Saturday evening and scouts will be returning home that night.  Mike Julien, Frank Boes and Tim Brown will be the leaders in charge.

I will be in Washington D.C. with the NB class trip that weekend…   I’d rather go to camp but I paid for the opportunity to go with my son to D.C. so this once on my lifetime experience  collided with the other scouting activities.

There will be menus coming out for parents to help fill to feed our boys   Rosters of patrols will be coming out after this weekend.

May 29 Memorial Day Parade

Scouts will line up at the fire station in full Class A uniform.  We will march to the Old Maplewood Cemetery.  Please arrive at 8:45am on that Monday

Tuesday June 6,,  Monsoon Lagoon

On Tuesday Morning, June 6,  Our scouts will be spending the day at Monsoon Lagoon in Port Clinton, OH.  Go Carts, Bumper Boats, Water Slides, Putt Putt , and a zoo are all part of the attractions.  I’m hoping we can get Groupon tickets this year since they were $18.00 last time,  Normal admission is $24.00 so Any parents who have used Groupon,  keep looking.  Pack a sack lunch for the day but we’ll stop at McDonalds on the way home.  The park is not too busy on weekdays so our scouts will be able to get a lot out of the day’s admission.

Quote from Lord Baden Powell

“In Scouting, a boy is encouraged to educate himself instead of being instructed.”

Shawn Benjamin

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