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March 27, 2023 7:27 am

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Mayor issues Snow Emergency Regulations Notification

From North Baltimore Mayor C. Michael Julian – January 29, 2015:

Village Ordinance requires that we issue notification of the below during the month of January.

“The legislative authority of the Village of North Baltimore has adopted an ordinance regulating the parking of motor vehicles during the snow emergencies.

A snow emergency may be declared to exist by declaration of the Mayor, or in his absence the President of Council, because of falling snow, sleet, or freezing rain or on the basis of a forecast by the United States Weather Bureau or other weather service of snow, sleet, or freezing rain making it necessary to expedite traffic, and that, therefore, it will be necessary to prohibit parking on certain streets within the Village designated as “snow emergency routes”.

A parking prohibition shall automatically go into effect in any designated snow emergency route under which there has been an accumulation of snow and/or ice of two (2) inches or more for one hour or more between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. of any day.

A snow emergency declared by the Mayor or the President of Council shall commence at such time as the police dispatcher is notified that it has been declared to exist.  Said dispatcher shall log the time of declaration and times within which vehicles must be removed from snow emergency routes shall be computed from that time so recorded.

The following have been designated snow emergency routes; Main Street, Broadway, Poe Road, Tarr Street, West State Street from Main to Mitchell Rd, Second Street, and Water Street.

5 Responses

  1. I see Patterson Sanitation was working again with the snow removal from Main St. Yes the snow needs to be removed, but in the past the village trucks hauled it away. Like someone had mentioned is this a conflict of interest with 2 Patterson’s on council? Did not see any village dump truck doing any hauling. I hope Patterson’s are going it for free, make one wonder.

    1. JT – I did wonder, so I checked with the Mayor about the Patterson’s hauling the snow, he said that they have compared prices in the past and that Patterson’s are a local and longtime business. In addition, at the COW, Mr. Wickard explained to council why they utilize the 40 yard containers (from Patterson’s) vs. the 7 yard village plow/dump trucks. FYI – Some have wondered why the village/Mr. Wickard are clearing the lot across from the former whistle stop. The mayor said that a deed restriction with that property states that this lot can only be used for a public parking/green space area. And that the village is responsible for snow removal. the lot also serves as an area for excess snow from the business district.

  2. lucky we have employees of bob Kelley Chevrolet that seem to take it upon themselves to plow main street. I am sure it is to just get the snow from out of there way but is this legal? I wish I knew the policy? I was told you can’t put the snow from your residence into the street, but I guess it’s okay when it’s in front of Kelley’s. Maybe council should put a ordinance in about this, or does it only apply to certain citizens?

  3. Too bad the Mayor did not put in anything on when the plows should be out when the 2 inches or more of snow or ice are on the ground.

    1. From the Editor – The Village Administrator is working with the Street Supt. on the Snow Removal Policy. At this point it is just in draft form. What you state is being addressed, as best as I can tell.

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