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Mens League Scores from Week 5 Games

Here are scores from Week 5–12/09/2018

Game #1

Hagemyer Trucking: 66

Casey’s Sales: 71

Leading Scorers for Hagemyer Trucking:

Julian Hagemyer with 42

Joey Hagemyer with 14

Leading Scorers for Casey’s Sales:

Lee Broadman with 22

Sean Watson with 15

Game #2

Mak & Ali’s Pizza: 49

Gerdeman Insurance: 70

Leading Scorers for Mak & Ali’s:

Mitch Wolfrum with 22

Troy Rayle with 16

Leading Scorers for Gerdeman Insurance:

Gage Beaber with 27

Tyler Trumbull with 17


Miller Insurance: 79

Patterson Sanitation: 81

Leading Scorers for Miller Insurance:

Chase Nichols with 26

Brody Naugle with 24

Leading Scorers for Patterson Sanitation:

Gabe Delosreyes with 24

Lane Bishop with 18

Jacob Frost with 18


Wymers ServiceMaster: 60

Reineke Family Dealership: 64

Leading Scorers for Wymers ServiceMaster:

Chase Drewes with 20

Brad Rowlinson with 12

Cory Stewart with 12

Leading Scorers for Reineke Family Dealership:

Nick Brossia with 27

Cody Pelton with 24

Records after week 12-9-18:

Mak and Ali’s Pizza: 0-5

Millers Insurance: 2-3

Casey’s Sales: 3-2

Reineke Family Dealership: 4-1

Patterson Sanitation: 1-4

Gerdeman Insurance: 5-0

Hagemyer Trucking: 3-2

Wymers ServiceMaster: 3-2

submitted by Makayla Light

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