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April 1, 2023 3:13 am

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Mike “Masher” Mills NB ’76 to appear on Travel Channel – “Ghost Adventures”

(<<< annual photo from 1973 – how I remember him)

North Baltimore High School’s Mike “Masher” Mills ’76 will be featured in an upcoming episode of the Travel Channel program “Ghost Adventures.” Mills will be telling about the ghost who haunted him in his dreams back the 1980’s, until something was done to make it stop!

The below is from Dan Davis ‘NB 76 on Facebook…

Fun post from Michael Mills, NBHS class of ’76. I know I’ll be tuning in to the Travel Channel on January 31 to see my old football/wrestling/Cub Scout buddy. Mike is going to be on an episode of Ghost Adventures; it airs on the Travel Channel on January 31st, around 8 or 9 p.m.

From Mike’s Facebook page – Me (Mike) and Honey with Zac Bagens from Ghost Adventures when we filmed my story. It will air on Travel Channel January 31st. (Honey won’t be in the episode but she was there for moral support.) We all had a great time filming the episode about the ghost who haunted me back in the early days of Ghostfield Ghost Town (in the 1980’s), one of the many incredible, amazing and wonderful times in my life. I have been blessed with so many great friends and family members who shared these experiences with me. They say I should write a book about it. Maybe I will now that I have more time on my hands…… but it sounds like A LOT of work! Anyway January 31st 9 PM EASTERN. On the Travel Channel. Don’t miss it! It is the Apache Junction episode.

Masher Mills on Travel Channel
Me (Mike) and Honey with Zac Bagens from Ghost Adventures when we filmed my story.


A short “conversation” I had with Mike via social media he says:

Living here in AZ since the 1980’s. The ghost story (very short version) is how I meet these guys rebuilding an old ghost town as I was riding by on my horse. They were digging a hole for a telephone pole and hit an old grave from the 1880’s. That old guy, buried there, came to me in my dreams! Long story short, we got his bones back from the Tucson college and had a nice funeral for him and he stop bothering me! So the guy that own’s the town had that TV show (Ghost Adventures) come out and he asked me to tell them the story. We had a great time, and of course, they have a saloon!

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