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June 3, 2023 2:06 pm

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Mock Crash 2015 Photo Gallery

Every two years North Baltimore Police, EMS, Fire and High School, directed by NBPD Officer Mandy Slane, with the help of OHP, LifeFlight, Smith-Crates Funeral Home and others, put on the Mock Crash for the high school student just prior to the Prom Season.

The purpose of the 2 –┬áday event is to explain and show what happens and why, during an alcohol related accident, in which there are serious injuries and death.


Mock Crash 2015 2
The scene opens

The first part of the event take place at Memorial Field, where the accident scene unfolds. The second part take place at the high school auditorium, where students and parents are involved in a very emotional session relating to the aftermath of death and injuries to students from an alcohol related accident (school photos by Alexis Julien, student at NBHS).

Mock Crash 2015 crowd
Students obviously take the action before them very seriously!
Mock Crash 2015 Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper
Mock Crash 2015 4
First Responders tend to those involved in the accident
Mock Crash 2015 3
The overcast day adds to the somber mood of the event

Mock Crash 2015 1

Mock Crash 2015 LifeFlight
LifeFlight participates each year, when available. ( No, the student does not get a helicopter ride)
from Alexis Julien 3
Day 2 at NBHS students and parents share letters that bring out deep emotions
from Alexis Julien 4
The Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper explains the events from an enforcement perspective

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