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January 17, 2022 10:57 am


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“Music of the Soul”

I’m an amateur musician. This true statement is not an apology or a self-putdown. The first word that most students of the Latin language learn is the verb “amare,” which means “to love.” The English word “amateur” comes from that Latin word “to love.” So when I say I’m an amateur music, I’m really saying that I love music.

Since I play the guitar every Sunday at worship, I know it’s ESSENTIAL to make sure that the instrument is tuned. So, I carve out time to tune my guitar before worship. But when I don’t get to it, and there’s an out-of-tune string or two, it really doesn’t sound right! Music is at its best when it’s “in tune” according to the standards of mathematics and physics.

Now, I love God. But I readily admit that there are times when I’m out of tune with God. Sometimes I don’t take the time to tune up my soul. If I neglect my daily Bible reading, devotions, and prayer, my soul isn’t right. I get out of balance when I’m out of tune with God. Truth is, it’s essential for us to take time daily to stay in tune with God, with God’s love, with the standards God sets for us.

There are countless ways to get in tune with God, such as praying alone in a quiet place, praying in a busy place, praying with others, praying in words, praying without words, listening to God speaking to our souls, reading the Bible, memorizing verses from the Bible, reading spiritual devotions, Sunday worship (the gift God gives us so that we would have some “together-music”).

God’s music has never been better than in God’s greatest song: Jesus Christ! Being in tune with Jesus turns life itself into a wonderful, beautiful melody.

Friends, get in tune with God today. Listen and sing the songs of Jesus Christ: melodies of forgiveness, love for one another, service, generosity, repentance!

God always provides us with songs and the melodies for daily life. We need to take the time to tune our souls to this divine music!

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