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NB 12 U Girls – Black Softball Update

12U North Baltimore Black softball team coached by Baily Thiel, Dave DeLancy and James Wilhelm.

If YOU would like to submit your BALL results or photos email – editor@thenbxpress.com.

submitted by James Wilhelm

NB – 21 vs. Fostoria 0

The Tigers played a great game, as Fostoria didn’t get a hit or a score a run.

Every inning the Tigers were run limited (7 per inning), scoring 21 in 3 at-bats.  Fostoria was only able to get two Tigers out the entire game. 

Kenzey O. and Brynlee all went 2 for 2.  Kenzey, Layla, and Kaylee all had strong pitching performances with a total of 10 strikeouts. 

Fostoria nearly scored twice, both times the Tigers were able to catch them stealing home. 

The game ball was given to the entire team, all of the girls played very well.

NB 12 U Softball Black – 21 vs. Liberty-Benton Black – 3     

The 12 U Tigers played another great game and held Liberty Benton Black to a single hit.  For the 2nd game in a row the Tigers were run limited every inning scoring 21 in 3 at bats. 

Seven Tigers got hits every at bat with Kenzey leading the team going 3 for 3; Hilda May (Addison) and Nevaeh went 2 for 2; Kaylee, O (Olivia), Brynlee, and Gaga (Natalie) went 1 for 1. 

Layla and Kenzey both had strong pitching performances and held Liberty Benton to their lone hit and 1 run in the first 3 innings. 

Hilda May won the game ball with her solid hitting and outstanding defensive performance; she tagged 3 runners out at home plate, caught a fly ball, and tagged a runner out at 2nd base. 

The Tigers soundly defeated Liberty Benton 21 to 3 and are 2-0 on the season.

Season Leaders

Batting Average                 O                             .800

RBIs                                       Angelina              2

                                                Neveah                2

                                                Hilda May            2

                                                Brynlee                2

                                                Kaylee                  2

Runs                                      O                             5

                                                Kenadi                  5

On Base %                          O                             .833

Slugging                               O                             1.000

                                                Angelina              1.000

ERA                                       Kaylee                  0.00

Ks                                           Kenzey                 9


                5/30*    Riverdale 1 @ NB Black

                6/4*       Riverdale 2 @ NB Black

                6/6         NB Black @ Rising Sun Outlaws

                6/11       Upper Sandusky 1 @ NB Black

                6/13       NB Black @ Arlington

                6/18       Van Buren @ NB Black

                6/20       NB Black @ Liberty Benton White

                6/25*    Arcadia @ NB Black

                6/27*    Elmwood @ NB Black

*Game starts at 8p (all other games start at 6p)

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