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NB Administrator’s Resignation Letter to Council

from left – Administrator Donna Dettling, Councilpersons Aaron Patterson, Bill Cameron and Leslee Thompson, confer at the July 14 Committee of the Whole Meeting.

Mayor Julien and Council
Village of North Baltimore
205 N. Main Street
North Baltimore, Ohio 45872

Dear Mayor Julien and Council,

Thank you for the opportunity to be the Village Administrator of North Baltimore for the past 12 months. I have accepted an Assistant Administrator position in Archbold that transitions into the Administrator role when the current Administrator retires in 2016. A tentative start date is being discussed for November 2015.

“I have shared individually or in emails several times over the past months that the demands of this role are untenable. I’m at the end of my rope, feeling crushed in sprite, energy and enthusiasm by the demands that are impossible to keep up with.” It should come as no surprise that I am not keeping up and this creates personal and professional anxiety that I have been unable to lessen. As much as I’d like to stay and continue to have a positive impact on NB, it’s simply not the option that makes the best sense for my professional or personal welfare.

According to the Personnel Policy Procedures Manual a 2-week resignation notice is required, but I’d like to stay through to November, to bring closure to as much as I can and complete as many SOP’s as possible. This may also allow adequate time to hire a new Administrator, and I recommend this be a priority over the next three months. I plan to take two weeks; November 9th through the 20th in vacation time, as it will be difficult to use the balance of my earned vacation. I feel this is a fair proposal for a transition, and ask for Council’s support and approval of my resignation in light of the work and dedication that I’ve displayed during my time with North Baltimore.

Again, I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to serve this Council and the Village of North Baltimore but more importantly; I am extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished in this short period of time.


Donna Dettling
North Baltimore, Village Administrator

One thought on “NB Administrator’s Resignation Letter to Council”

  1. It can’t be that hard of a job if you DELEGATE tasks to certain employees in the village. Give each division a lists of tasks to start on and make sure that they do them. It would at least be a start instead of having most division heads sit around doing nothing….

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