North Baltimore, Ohio

September 27, 2023 3:52 am

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NB Area Chamber of Commerce Announcement Regarding GOST


from the North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

As of the 12th of August in the year 2022, the NBACC Board of Trustees have voted that the Good Ole Summertime Festival will no longer be a North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce event.

Thank you for the last 43 years of music, memories and fun.

4 Responses

  1. Since your not having good old summer times days any more. Maybe you would consider a fireworks display on the 4th of July to celebrate the birth of our freedoms. I think the people of the town deserve at least that .

  2. If the Chamber of Commerce . Is not going to do this event. Will some other group step up. To put the show on.

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