by James Wilhelm

ARCADIA                                        010 3 — 4
NORTH BALTIMORE 2019     777 x — 21

Arcadia traveled to North Baltimore to play the Tigers in a night game. Red started on the mound and struck out 3, holding Arcadia scoreless in the first. The Tigers scored 7 in the bottom of the first when Arcadia walked 6 batters and Killer hit a 2 RBI grounder to 3rd.

Petunia pitched the 2nd inning and also struck out 3, but not before allowing Ava to steal home. The Arcadia pitching continued to struggle in the 2nd, walking 5 more Tigers before Petunia hit a 2 RBI popup to center. The Tigers scored 7 more and ended the 2nd up by 13 runs.

Special K pitched the 3rd inning; struck out 1, had a ground out to 1st, and then caught Riley stealing home for a quick scoreless inning. Arcadia had 4 more walks in the bottom of the 3rd and Band Aid hit a nice triple with 2 RBIs.

The Tigers ended their last at bat up by 20 runs. Hilda May closed the game out for the Tigers, she struck out 2 but not before allowing a 3 runs.

Band Aid won the game ball with excellent defensive play and the great triple she hit in the bottom of the 3rd. Tigers remain undefeated with one game remaining in the regular season.


ELMWOOD                                         040 0 — 4 
NORTH BALTIMORE 2019          767 x — 20

Elmwood travels to North Baltimore for the Tiger’s last game of the regular season.  Petunia starts the game and held Elmwood scoreless in the first inning.  The Tiger bats were on fire with the first 3 batters scoring hits highlighted by Petunia’s 2 run home run.  NB was run limited and ending the inning up 7 to nothing. 

Elmwood scored a couple of runs and had bases loaded when Red relieved Petunia.  Red walked 2 and then ended the half inning by fielding a grounder.  All 12 Tiger’s got to bat in the 2nd inning highlighted by Hilda May’s 2 run single, yet Elwood was able to hold them to 6 runs.  The inning ended with NB up by 9. 

Red threw 7 pitches in the 3rd inning and had great defensive support with Petunia catching back-to-back line drives.  Elmwood struggled in the bottom of the 3rd walking 7 straight Tigers, followed up with Beast Mode driving a ball to deep left center and scoring the 7 run limit. 

Red closed the game out with 8 more pitches in the 4th including a strike out.  Layla won the game ball with her efficient pitching and smart batting.  Petunia and Beast Mode received honorable mention contributing to a combined 12 runs scored and multiple outs on defense.  A

ll of the Tiger’s play outstanding softball the entire season and ended with a perfect record, 9-0.  



NORTH BALTIMORE ORANGE         000 5 — 5 
NORTH BALTIMORE 2019                 777 x — 21

North Baltimore Black drew North Baltimore Orange in the first round of the tournament, both teams seemed excited to play each other.  NB Black won the coin toss and chose to be the home team. 

Red was the starting pitcher for NB Black; she struck out the first batter and then Hilda May caught back-to-back line drives holding NB Orange scoreless.  NB Black scored the limit 7 runs with the first 9 batters getting on base and Beast Mode’s 2 run triple was the biggest hit of the inning. 

Red struck out the first batter again and then Band Aid fielded back-to-back grounders to hold NB Orange scoreless for the 2nd straight inning.  The next 7 batters for NB Black got on base with Nerbly, Red, and Hilda May all hitting doubles; NB Black hit the run limit again to put them up by 14. 

Petunia pitched the 3rd inning and struck out 3 of the next 4 batters.  NB Orange made back-to-back defensive plays with Dick and Gerdeman fielding grounders, nearly ending the inning.  The bases were loaded when Hilda May hit a grand slam, the 3rd inning ended when 7 runs were scored. 

Special K came in to close for NB Black, she walked the 1st two and then the NB Orange bats came alive.  Trumbull and Dick hit back-to-back grounders to score NB Orange’s first run.  Gerdeman, Hagemyer, and Abrell all made contact and knocked in 4 more runs before the game ended. 

Great game by both Tiger teams! 

NB Black plays Liberty Benton Black July 3rd @ 7pm on Field 1 in Arlington. 

NB Orange plays Vanlue July 2nd @ 5pm on Field 4 in Arlington. 

Good luck to both teams, hopefully they can play again in the Championship.

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