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June 6, 2023 6:55 pm

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NB Board of Ed Meets for August

by Sue Miklovic

The North Baltimore Local Schools Board of Education met last Tuesday Aug 24, 2021 at 2012 Tiger Drive for their monthly meeting.


Superintendent’s Report- Mr. Ryan Delaney

The Superintendent discussed the smooth opening of the new school year, despite the 2 hour fog delay on the first day ( believed to be a  First Time Ever  happening)

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Stewart reported over $7 million in the District’s investment accounts. He also said July is usually the biggest expenditure month of the year. The general fund checking balance at the end of July was around $1.6 Million

NB Middle School/High School Principal’s Report- Mr. Chad Kiser

Mr. Kaiser reported the 7th grade orientation was amazing this year. He thanked the middle school team for making a great orientation happen and for coming in on their own time during the summer.

Open house was a huge success. We had a packed house.

First week for staff and students went about as close to perfect as possible. We had an incredible motivational speaker come and talk with the students on Friday. He is from the Defiance area and had a very powerful story to share.

Thank you to our custodial staff Phillip, Brenda, and Billy for making our school look amazing once again. Thanks for summer painting, waxing, and sanitizing. Thank you so much to them!

We also want to thank Brent Hermiller for all his hard work in our tech department. He installed new interactive boards in all the classrooms. He’s done a ton over summer and we are thankful for all he does!

Our new staff members have settled in great! They are all doing such a good job.

Powell Report from Principal Jonelle Semancik

House Sorting Completed

Students and staff members have been sorted into four different houses. The houses are: House of Pride (Orange); House of Responsibility (Black); House of Safety (White) and House of Kindness (Grey).  Students can earn prizes for their house by earning Tiger Way Slips. Students are very excited for this new adventure.

Car Rider Dismissal

We have a new pick-up system at Powell. Cars come through with tags and we match students to the tags. Students wait in the gym until their tag number is called. It takes about 11-14 minutes to dismiss everyone. Students are safe in the gym and not near traffic. Matching tags also assures students are riding home with the proper people. This system provides us safety and security for our students.

Thank you to our custodians, and Mr Delaney, and Mr. Stewart

Several new projects have been completed over the summer. These include a new floor, HVAC system, playground, paint in gym, furniture, and much more. Our custodians worked hard to complete these projects on top of keeping our buildings clean! Thanks to you Ryan and Steven for funding these projects.

Thank you, National Beef

Thank you to National Beef for providing over $13,000 worth of supplies for our students. We are so blessed to have this continued support for our families. Thank you to Steven Stewart for help with some of the ordering this year.

Thank you to all of the staff for a great positive start to the year. Everyone is in good spirits.

Approved by the Board from Superintendent’s recommendations:

*Approved the appropriate salary placement for certified staff completing educational hours, pending official transcripts.

*Approved the Wood County Substitute list and all subsequent lists for the 2021- 2022 school year at $100 per day as  needed.

*Approved school administrators as teacher evaluators.

*Approved Classified substitute list as presented on an as needed basis

*Approved many supplemental contracts including class sponsors, club advisors, team leaders, and music and arts related areas, etc.

*The Board accepted the resignation of Leslie Hetrick, Powell Elementary secretary, effective September 7, 2021.


Mr. Delaney then asked the Board if they were all in favor of moving forward with the next phase of expansion of the NBHS Athletic Complex, which would include a new football field, stands and press boxes on both sides of the field, and a latex track for the Track and Field Program (inside the two sets of stands, circling the football field.) He told them in order to move forward they must be in 100% agreement with this plan, and that it would be approximately $2 million to complete it, paid for with investment funds. There will be no loans secured for this phase, as presented. After some discussion ALL the Board members agreed.

Plans will begin as soon as possible with goals of having the Football field ready to be used for the 2022 Fall season, and the track for the Spring of 2023 season. Stay tuned for more updates.

3 Responses

  1. Interestingly, I believe the Track and Field program has produced more athletes than any other sport in NBHS history, who have advanced to the State Level of competition, while competing with such poor facilities. This says much more about the quality of the athlete, than the quality of the facility to me. Definitely time for a real track!

  2. Have to agree with Mr. Gerdeman. The track at Powell is very sad to hold track meets at. I am sure the ones who had a part of getting it there did their best to get in, but sad it was not upgraded or improved much over the years.

  3. thank you for moving forward 0n track and football fields at the new school. this has been needed for a long long time.

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