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NB Board of Ed. to Meet Tuesday Dec. 15

2012 Tiger Dr.
December 15, 2015 6:00 PM

This meeting is a meeting of the Board of Education in public for the purpose of conducting the School District’s business and is not to be considered a public community meeting.

School Board BOE December Agenda 2015

1. Call to Order 2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call _____Mrs. Thomas
_____Mr. Bretz
_____Mr. Archer
_____Mrs. Bushey
_____Mrs. Cotterman
4. Make adjustments and corrections to the agenda as needed.
Exhibit 1
5. Approve the November 24, 2015 Regular meeting minutes. _____Mrs. Thomas
_____Mr. Bretz
_____Mr. Archer
_____Mrs. Bushey
_____Mrs. Cotterman
Motion_____________ Seconded______________ Vote________ OPPORTUNITY TO ADDRESS THE BOARD A pamphlet is provided at the board meeting for members of the community to review the proper procedure to address both agenda and non-agenda items. Please review this pamphlet before making any statements to the Board. After being recognized by the President, please provide your name and address to the Treasurer. Please limit your comments to three minutes.
News Media
The Courier – Eric Schaadt
The Sentinel – Marie Thomas
NB Xpress – Jeff Miklovic/Sue Miklovic
NB News – Bonnie Knaggs
Page Two – Regular Agenda – 12/15/15
Exhibit 2
1. Approve the monthly financial statements. _____Mrs. Thomas
_____Mr. Bretz
_____Mr. Archer
_____Mrs. Bushey
_____Mrs. Cotterman
Motion_____________ Seconded______________ Vote________
Exhibit 3
2. Approve a resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by _____Mrs. Thomas
the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies, _____Mr. Bretz
and certifiying them to the Wood County Auditor commencing July _____Mr. Archer
1, 2015. _____Mrs. Bushey
_____Mrs. Cotterman
Motion_____________ Seconded______________ Vote________
ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS Superintendent’s Report: Mr. Ryan Delaney
Principal’s Reports: –
MS/HS Principal – Dr. Bob Falkenstein
Elementary Principal – Mr. Scott Lockwood/Pam Van Mooy (Interim)
1. Approve the following supplemental contracts for the 2015-16 school _____Mrs. Thomas
year at the appropriate step, pending proper certification and _____Mr. Bretz
required background checks. _____Mr. Archer
_____Mrs. Bushey _____Mrs. Cotterman
Type I
Cyndi Hotaling Volunteer Indoor Track Coach Volunteer
Motion_____________ Seconded______________ Vote_________
Page Three – Regular Agenda – 12/15/15
2. Approve the following classified substitutes for the 2015-16 school year _____Mrs. Thomas
at step 0 on an as needed basis and pending necessary certification and _____Mr. Bretz
paperwork as required. _____Mr. Archer
_____Mrs. Bushey
James Runyon – Custodial _____Mrs. Cotterman
Lisa Wells – Custodial
Motion_________ Seconded ___________ Vote___________
Exhibit 4
3. Approve an agreement with Owens Community College for College _____Mrs. Thomas
Credit Plus for the 2016-17 school year as presented. _____Mr. Bretz
_____Mr. Archer
_____Mrs. Bushey
_____Mrs. Cotterman
Motion_________ Seconded ___________ Vote___________ Exhibit 5
4. Approve a donation from the North Baltimore Board of Education to the _____Mrs. Thomas
Wood County Youth Olympics for 2016 of $300. _____Mr. Bretz
_____Mr. Archer
_____Mrs. Bushey
_____Mrs. Cotterman
Motion_________ Seconded ___________ Vote___________
Legislative Liaison (Russell Bretz):
Athletic/Recreation Council (Tim Archer – Tami Thomas):
Student Achievement Liaison (Cheryl Cotterman):
Village Council Liaison (Cheryl Cotterman – Tim Archer):
Superintendent’s Advisory Council (Russell Bretz – Cheryl Cotterman):
Page Four – Regular Agenda – 12/15/15
 Following this Board Meeting will be the Board Christmas Dinner – Steve’s Dakota Grill
1. Set date and time of the Organizational Meeting and the Regular January _____Mrs. Thomas
Meeting at the MS/HS Building location. _____Mr. Bretz _____Mr. Archer
Tuesday, January 12, 2016 Organizational Meeting 5:30 PM _____Mrs. Bushey
Tuesday, January 12, 2016 Regular Meeting 6:00 PM _____Mrs. Cotterman
Motion_____________ Seconded____________ Vote___________
2. Appointment of a President Pro Tem for the January 12, 2016 _____Mrs. Thomas
Organizational Meeting. _____Mr. Bretz
Nominee _________________________ _____Mr. Archer
Nominated by _________________________ _____Mrs. Bushey
_____Mrs. Cotterman
Motion______________ Seconded____________ Vote__________
Page Five – Regular Agenda – 12/15/15
Motion to move to Executive Session for the purpose(s) of: _____Mrs. Thomas
_____Mr. Bretz
_____Mr. Archer
Time Out: ________ Time In: __________ _____Mrs. Bushey
_____Mrs. Cotterman
_____ a) Consideration of the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion,
demotion or compensation of an employee, student, or school official or to investigate charges
or complaints against such person, unless said person requests a public hearing.
_____ b) Consideration of the purchase of property for public purposes or the sale of property at
competitive bidding.
_____ c) Conference with an attorney involving pending or imminent court action.
_____ d) Prepare for, conducting, or reviewing negotiations with employees regarding their compensation
or other terms and conditions of their employment.
_____ e) Matters required to be kept confidential by federal law or rules or state statues.
_____ f) Specialized details of security.
_____ g) To discuss confidential information related to an applicant for economic development assistance,
or negotiations with other political subdivisions respecting such requests for economic development
Motion__________ Seconded__________ Vote__________
No further action will be taken.
Motion to Adjourn
Time: ______ _____Mrs. Thomas
_____Mr. Bretz _____Mr. Archer
_____Mrs. Bushey _____Mrs. Cotterman
Motion__________ Seconded__________ Vote___________
1) Please review for policy updates.
2) Check all contract/ agreements against the auditors list per ORC Section 9.24 of the ORC and for any findings against vendors over $25,000.
3) Check for 412 Certificates
4) Check for Homeland Security – Check Expenditures over $100,000 annually

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