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NB Board of Education May Meeting

by Sue Miklovic

The Board of Education held their regularly scheduled May meeting at NBHS school library on May 28,2019. 

Principal’s Report by Dr. Bob Falkenstein

Commencement was a huge success!

Students last day of school is Friday, May 31!

Track update: Jordan Bucher will pole vault at the OHSAA State Track Meet on Friday at 1:00 at Jesse Owens Stadium.

Summer MS Intervention Camp and HS Credit Recovery programs are all set and ready to go.

In August we will unveil our STRIPES program at the MS level.  This PBIS program is grant funded and will help reinforce positive behavior and academic goals.

Additional adjustments for next year’s handbook:

  1. Lunch prices will remain the same at $2.95
  2. Double “A” Opt Outs for exams are determined by that semester’s discipline and no unexcused absences rather than just quarters 2 and 4.
  3. Class rank was already adjusted 5 years ago. For next year we will add, “In the case of a tie for class rank, the next criteria will be ACT scores.”
  4. Cell phone penalty #1: remove detention; #2: add detention, #3: change to ISS, not OSS.

Jonelle Semancik, Principal EA Powell Elementary

6th Grade Graduation

6th grade graduation is today starting at 6:30 pm. Although we will miss this group we look forward to great things to come from them.

Summer School

Summer school will run June 3rd-June 20th Monday through Thursday 9am-noon. There are 18 students signed up grades k-3. Research shows that this program will be more effective with smaller groups and early grades. This is why the changes have been made.

Summer Curriculum Work

ELA teachers will be meeting this summer for a day to work on aligning the curriculum and adding rigor as well as depth to our lessons. This comes from the training that they were sent to earlier this year. Den of Ten will be meeting to discuss plans for the upcoming year.


I cannot thank you enough for taking a chance on a new principal. It has been a great year and I appreciate all the support you have given. I look forward to many more wonderful years here in North Baltimore.

Powell Elementary Staff


Superintendent’s Recommendations/Board Approvals

*Approved a one year certified contract to Teresa Simons, 7-12 Intervention Specialist, at the appropriate step beginning the 2019-20 school year.   

*Approved one year certified contract to Megan Kreinhibl, Powell Intervention Specialist, at the appropriate step beginning the 2019-20 school year.  

*Approved a one year classified contract to Larry Snyder, bus driver at the appropriate step beginning the 2019-20 school year.  

Summer School/Intervention
*Approved the following summer school/intervention teachers for the 2019 summer at the current rate of $20 per hour:  

Arica Matthes – MS Summer Intervention Camp Tutor

Cory Mathias – Summer Online Coordinator

Jennifer Carter – Extended School Year Teacher

Diane Blake – Summer Tiger Paws Teacher

Becky Lucas – Summer Tiger Paws Teacher

Marina Williford – Summer Tiger Paws Teacher

The Board approved an extensive list of names for the 2019-20 classified substitute list, which included the summer of 2019, at the step 0 rate on an as needed basis, pending necessary certification and paperwork when required, including:

Bus/Van Drivers


Aides (Office, Bus, Classroom Etc.)



The following Supplemental Contracts for 2019-20 were approved:

Type I (100% unless specified)

Head Boys Basketball Coach Joey Hagemyer Step 5

Athletic Director Daniel Davis Step 2

Assistant Athletic Director Paula Beaupry Step 5

Athletic Equipment Manager Jeff Daniels Step 1

Weight Room Supervisor Mike Kipplen Step 5

Band Director Ben Pack Step 5

Marching Band Auxiliary Group Advisors Jeff Gregorsok Step 5

Craig Bentley Step 5

Bob Hoff Step 5

Jazz Band Ben Pack Step 5

Pep Band Ben Pack Step 5

Show Choir Emily Meyerson Step 5

Drama Director (.25) Ben Pack Step 5

Drama Director  (.75) Emily Meyerson Step 5

Choral Music Emily Meyerson Step 5

Yearbook/Publications Mallory Huffman Step 3


Class Sponsor

Grade 7 Advisor Arica Matthes

Grade 8 Advisor Julie Traver

Grade 11 Advisor (2 of 2) Paula Beaupry and Arica Matthes

Grade 12 (2 of 2)      Paula Beaupry and Arica Matthes

Clubs MS/HS

National Honor Society      Mallory Huffman 50% /Sarah Bugner 50%

Junior National Honor Society        Arica Matthes

HS Quiz Bowl        Mallory Huffman

MS Quiz Bowl        Lisa Reider

Art Club MS/HS     Luke Archer

International Club Martin Zamudio                     

HS Newspaper Chad Jones

MS Newspaper Chad Jones

S.A.E. / Paws for a Cause Stefanie Lauer 50%  Chad Jones 50%

HS Student Council Mallory Huffman 50% Sarah Bugner 50%

Middle School Student Council Lisa Reider

Team Leaders MS/HS

Math Team Leader Ryan Lamb

English Team Leader Mallory Huffman

Social Studies Team Leader Mark Hollenbaugh

Science Team Leader Sue Garner

MS Team Leader Ryan Lamb

Grades – 9-10 Team Leader Martin Zamudio

Grades 11 – 12 Team Leader Stefanie Lauer

Encore Team Leader Luke Archer

Special Needs Team Leader Jon Eichar

Clubs Powell

Safety Patrol    Kathi Bucher                     

Outdoor Education Coordinator  Alison Coldren              

Elementary Student Council     Kathi Bucher

Community Education Director      Erika Miklovic

Art Club Powell      Erika Miklovic           

Elementary Quiz Bowl      Ben Pack 50%   

Team Leaders Elementary

Team Leader K –  Brynn Pasche

Team Leader – 2nd Cindy Coppler

Team Leader – 3rd Samantha Rodabaugh

Team Leader Math-  Nicole Lang

Team Leader Social Studies/Science-  Meagan Hernandez

Team Leader ELA- Michelle Flick

Team Leader Special Needs-  Charles Scherdt

Team Leader Encore- Emily Meyerson

6th Grade Class Advisor –Kathi Bucher  


Lead mentor- Sue Garner

Mentors- Luke Archer, Jeff Gregorsok, Sue Garner, Martin Zamudio, Melanie Missler,

*Approved a service agreement with Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center (NOESC) for the 2019-20 school year on an as needed basis as presented in the contract for visually impaired services.  

*Approved an agreement with W/I (Work Leads to Independence) for the 2019-20 school year as presented.  

*Approved a fifteen (15) year 100% abatement agreement with NorthPoint Development LLC as presented.  And waive the remainder of the notification period. The president called for the vote: Voting yes: Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Bushey, Mr. Archer, Mrs. Byrd, and Mr. Sharninghouse.  Motion carried.

*Approved the job description for the Director of Maintenance as presented.  The president called for the vote: Voting yes: Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Bushey, Mr. Archer, Mrs. Byrd, and Mr. Sharninghouse. Motion carried.  

Reports from the Standing Committees of the Board of Education:

Athletic/Recreation – No Report

Advisory – No Report

Policy – No Report

Technology/Planning & Resource – No Report


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