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NB Board of Education meets for May Meeting

by Sue Miklovic

The Board of Education met last Tuesday, May 22 at 2012 Tiger Drive. Starting off the meeting was teacher Mrs. Arica Matthes who introduced Owen Johnson. He received 1st Place in a logo contest for Ohio Energy Project through Hancock Wood Electric. Also recognized were Tyler Williams, Breanna Kreais, and Marissa Betz–all finalists from North Baltimore.

Owen Johnson and his family stand, while wearing T-shirts printed with the winning logo, designed by him.
All of the artists are recognized by the Board of Education members.
As I was leaving the school when the meeting was over, I spotted this painted rock, near the front entrance.

Mr. Ryan Delaney-Superintendent’s report:

“Things are buzzing around here with sports!” Delaney exclaimed.

Delaney and Treasurer Steven Stewart reported how pleased they are with work completed by Long Electric. They have assisted the district with finding grant money for outdoor lighting updates. “Long Electric is fantastic!” he said.

We are trying to add a third section of Pre-school at Powell through the ESC for this fall.

Graduation is Sunday at 2:00pm. 136 people attended the baccalaureate service.

Dr. Bob Falkenstein-NBHS Principal report:

Dr. Bob reported the teachers are work to accommodate the needs of the student athletes for taking exams with tournament ball games being scheduled during the daytime.  This is being done to avoid delaying the already scheduled State Tournaments, in case of bad weather.

Here are Handbook Changes for 2018-2019

  1. #4 CCP Rules about last day to drop a course at NBHS is 2 weeks from first day of semester…put this in its own spot to count for ALL courses. But restate it…after 10 school days in a semester no schedule changes are permitted.
  2. #11 Possession/use of tobacco products: Possession, consumption, distribution, purchase or attempt to purchase, and/or use of tobacco products or electronic cigarettes or similar look alike devices in school, on school grounds, on school buses, and at any interscholastic competition, extra-curricular event, or other school-sponsored event is prohibited. Tobacco products include, but are not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff or any other matter or substance that may contain tobacco. Smoking of electronic cigarettes, “vapor devices,” and other substitute forms of cigarettes whether they contain nicotine or not, are also prohibited.
  4. Any student who refuses to attempt to provide a sample or fails to show up to submit a sample is immediately removed from the team for the entire season. If a student tries to provide a sample and cannot, the student has 24 hours to go to Great Lakes Biomedical to submit a sample. Failure to do so within 24 hours results in immediate removal from the team for the entire season and loss of any athletic award.

13.Students who cannot give an immediate sample will be given cups of water to facilitate their ability to give a sample. These students will be kept in a secured area until they are able to produce a sample. If they do not produce a sample within the 45 minute time limit from time of check in, they will be deemed ineligible to participate. The student must then go to the drug testing facility Great Lakes Biomedical in Perrysburg, OH to provide a sample in person. Parents, not the school, are responsible for providing transportation. Leaving during school time is not considered a doctor’s visit and will be unexcused, resulting in loss of practice or game time that night. The student must leave after school and can then return to attend practice with full participation only if a note from Great Lakes Biomedical is given to the coach. If as a result of being late for a bus to a game, the student may forfeit the right to play.

14.Lab personnel will test samples on-site initially. Negative samples will be disposed of. Any samples testing positive will be covered with a seal and sent to an outside lab for verification of the initial results.

15.North Baltimore Local Schools reserves the right to change this procedure as dictated by the guidelines of the selected testing agency.

  1. Athletes who are home-schooled: to keep testing anonymous, home-schooled athletes will be given additional time (48 hours upon notice) to provide a sample at Great Lakes Biomedical since we cannot alert them in advance to report to the school on drug testing day.
  2. In order to sit in any team picture, the student must have a physical and have submitted a sample for drug testing if baseline drug testing was already offered.


  1. Students cannot spray deodorants (such as AXE) or perfumes in the hallways.
  2. Prohibited: Tank tops of any type and sleeveless tops/crop tops; “peep/cold shoulder” sleeves are ok if the band across shoulder is not a string
  3. Explicitly say under extracurriculars that if a student is ineligible due to grades/credits, they cannot do any extracurricular (it’s not just a sports thing. It’s quiz bowl, Drama Club too…)
  4. Bus Transportation: due to problems with loud music, and music with foul language on buses, we have a new rule.  If you are listening to music on the bus, you must use ear buds or headphones.  Bus drivers are allowed to take your device from you and give it to the principal if you fail to cooperate.  So please, just use ear buds and you can listen to whatever you want.  Portable speakers are not permitted.  Bus consequences are listed on page 142 of the handbook and you will not have your device.
  5. Specifically list bullying consequences
  6. Warning/parent contact
  7. Detention
  8. ISS
  9. OSS
  10. New: Retaliation: Any student who attempts to retaliate against another student will be disciplined. For example, if a student thinks that another student got them in trouble and then goes after him/her, it is considered retaliation.

Students are advised that the following are the “minimum” requirements that must be met prior to graduation from the North Baltimore High School:

4          Credits of English

3          Credits of Social Studies including American History, American Government

4          Credits of Mathematics including Algebra II or equivalent

3          Credits of Science including 1 credit of Biological Sc. and 1 credit of Physical Sc and a lab-based advanced science course

½         Credit of Health

½         Credit of Physical Ed.

6*        Credits of Electives

21        Credits

*Required: 1 credit or two ½ credits of Business/Technology, Fine Arts, or Foreign Language

Students are required to earn 18 graduation points in the 7 end of course exams in English, math, science and social studies.  Alternate pathways may be available.  An honors diploma is required to be eligible for consideration as one of the three speakers at the graduation ceremonies. If you have any questions on graduation requirements, scheduling, or course selections, please feel free to contact the school counselor.

  1. Exam Opt Out…The goal is to offer a one course exam opt out each semester for high school students who meets the criteria below and attend the NBHS campus.
  2. Requires double A or A- (for Q1/Q2 or Q3/Q4) in a NBHS course. Students can only opt out of an exam in which double As were earned.  Students cannot opt out of dual enrollment, CCP, or online exams.  No Opt-Outs in Physical Education are allowed for state reasons.
  3. Student is discipline-free and has no unexcused absences for the 2nd or 4th quarter.
  4. When a student opts out, the student is permitted to leave campus regardless of the period. Sign-outs and sign-ins are required.
  5. Students must tell the principal, in writing, which exam they will opt out of two days before the first exam day, or they forfeit their opt out. No changes permitted.  The opt-out form must be completed via Google and sent electronically.
  6. Phones, Sound (earbuds/headphones) and other Electronic Devices: There is no educational purpose to possess a cell phone during the school day unless a teacher deems it appropriate for a particular lesson. Teachers are not responsible for monitoring students on their personal devices. Starting in August 2018, the entire school building is a RED ZONE (no devices allowed).  Devices are defined but not limited to hardware that has Internet or WIFI.  Students cannot use these items in hallways between 7:52-2:40. These devices cannot be seen in use, heard, turned on, or in ears in the school between 7:52-2:40.  The only exceptions are (1) inside a classroom where the teacher has given direct permission, and (2) in the cafeteria at lunch.  (BYOD Policy is repealed due to the district now providing devices for educational use)

Offense #1: Confiscate device, Parent pick up in office the same day from 2:40-3:30

Offense #2: Friday Detention, Confiscate device, Parent picks up in office on that Friday

Offense #3+: Out of school suspension with one-day increments

*Any student who fails to comply with a staff member’s directive such as, “Give me your phone” will receive the additional consequence of an In-School Suspension for Insubordination.  The school’s position is that we are not here to get students off of their phones.*

  1. Food and Water: Starting in August 2018, there are major changes to this policy:
  2. Consuming food and drinks is not permitted in the extended learning lab and hallways
  3. All students are permitted to carry water with them throughout the day
  4. The water must be in a clear/see-thru bottle for identification purposes
  5. Teachers may allow students to consume food only within their classrooms
  6. Purchasing items from the kitchen is only permitted when a teacher grants consent and gives the student a pass to go get items. Students must immediately return to the classroom to consume food or water.  Students can only purchase non-water drinks and slushies during lunch times.  Example: bringing items such as cereal or McDonalds for breakfast is only permitted with teacher consent inside the classroom.
  7. Gaming/Video Rule (Replaces Agario Rule): Students seen playing games or watching videos on any device will receive an automatic detention when it impedes instructional time. A student who has any missing assignments or work for the quarter and is seen breaking this rule will get a detention.

Note about Break-in period: The 2018 open house is on a Monday.  I will distribute rule changes to everyone.  We start school on a Wednesday and will do the break-in period on Wed/Thurs/Fri.  The following Monday, the 27th, I meet with MS and HS students for RULES meetings and convey that consequences will start to be enforced.

Mr. Mark Lange-Powell Elementary report:

Muffins for Moms was held Friday, May 11th and we had approximately 445 attendees this year.  Last year’s attendance was estimated to be 375.  It was a great success and wonderful to see so many moms, grandmothers, aunts, and other female caregivers turn out for our breakfast.

We attempted to have Field Day at Powell on Monday, May 14th, but Mother Nature had other plans.  This morning and tomorrow morning, Mr. Walls, now back from paternity leave, was able to set up and have students participate in some of the field events while classroom teachers participate in transition meetings for an hour and one-half each today and tomorrow.

Field trips are all wrapped up for the year, and I wanted to thank the board for covering the transportation costs to allow are students to participate in the wonderful learning opportunities listed below.  We received a number of compliments on how polite and respectful our students were towards adults and students from other districts.   I would also like to say a much deserved THANK YOU to all parents/guardians who helped chaperone our trips!

K – Country Lane Tree Farm, Genoa

1 – Imagination Station, Toledo

2 – Carter Farm, Bowling Green

3 – W.W. Knight Nature Preserve, Perrysburg

4 – Sauder Farm & Craft Village, Archbold

5 – Imagination Station, Toledo

6 – Toledo Art Museum & Spaghetti Warehouse, Toledo


Once again, the BGSU music department entertained us with an outstanding musical performance on Friday, May 11th.  They performed for us at no cost to the district.  We extend our sincere thanks for their generosity and continued support of the arts in public schools across the area.

Yesterday,  the North Baltimore Public Library held their annual kick-off assembly for the NB Library summer reading program.  A traveling zoo visited Powell for a second year, and once again, the kangaroo stole the show!

6th Grade graduation is slated for Thursday, May 24th at 7:00 pm in the JH/HS gym.  *** Please note that the location has changed.  ***

Our annual awards assembly will be Friday, May 25th in the Powell gym.  The schedule is as follows:

8:15 – 9:00 – K-2 Awards Assembly

9:15 – 10:15 – 3-6 Awards Assembly

Barring any changes, job assignments have been set for next year.  We will have to add a third section of 3rd grade to meet enrollment numbers for the incoming 3rd grade class which currently has three sections.  This increase will be offset by a reduction in the need for staffing at another grade level.

Supply ordering for the 18/19 school year is 95% finished.

All teacher observations/evaluations have been completed and reported in OTES – the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System portal.

I would like to thank Mr. Pack and Ms. Meyerson for hosting outstanding band and music performances!  What a fantastic display of student talent!  Thanks for investing many long hours in order to make the evenings the successes that they were.

As of yesterday morning, we have only seven students that still owe school fees and our lunch charge balance stands at $273.36.  These are fantastic numbers!

You may have noticed my staff being a bit more casual in their attire.  Staff members were, once again, allowed to wear jeans the last two weeks of school if they made a donation of at least $20 to the Camp Storer account which helps pay for the 6th grade outdoor education trip.  I am happy to report that our students were the beneficiaries of their generosity to the tune of $420.

In other action, the Board approved:
+One year contract -Cory Mathias -Online/Digital Technology teacher
+Eight contracts for Summer Intervention teachers and tutors
+Two maternity leaves, beginning in August
+Dates for Middle School WashingtonD.C. trip through World Strides from May 15-19-2019 at no cost to the Board.

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