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NB Boy Scout Newsletter – January 2015

NB Troop 315 January 2015 Newsletter 
from Shawn Benjamin, Scout Master
Happy New year to all my scouts. It’s hard to believe , I’m on my 5th year as your scoutmaster. Scouts who were 12 and 13 are now driving and juniors and seniors. As the years pile up. I’m hoping that as these young men become adults and have families of their own, I will see their sons become scouts. Man, I feel old!
Alot has happened in the past year: three Eagles scouts, camps, fundraisers, service projects, awards and advancements. Flag retirement, five new first year scouts, and the passing of the torch as older scouts age out. Logan, A.J., Nick, Robert; we are happy you stayed with scouts all these years and hope it will give you skill and street smarts for your futures. Good Luck and remember, We can always use more adult leadership. Hint, hint…
Winter Camporee will be on January 30 – Feb 1 at Camp Miakonda. Cost is $10.00 and a grocery list will be going around. Based on whats in our pantry. Mac & Cheese is going to be one of the meals. We are staying in a cabin with Troop 337. Parents; Can you send me a note letting me know if your son will be attending. Scouts from Wood county have been stepping up and planning the camps since the comments from them were, “It’s the same old same old”. They meet monthly at roundtable. If any of our scouts would like to be part of that group. We can arrange for them to attend.
Committee meeting. I’d like some input as to the date, but would like to have our committee meet on Wednesday, January 21. Updates on 2015 calender, finance, goals, etc. Let me know if the date works for most scouts.
February 18, I’m planning a court of honor combined with a scout movie night at the Virginia Theater. The plan is to have an “Open to the Public” free movie with scouts participating. I’ve been working with Doug Wickard, who is happy to let us use the Theater. The movie will be “Follow Me, Boys”. I’ll have more details on this as the plans are set in motion.
Camp Alaska, There has been a lot of discussion among the scouts about a camping weekend, but also want to provide an opportunity for scouts to also do their survival camp. Here is what we’re working on, a camping weekend at Camp Berry, in a cabin for non qualifying Camp Alaska, but also the ability to let the other scouts to do the hike and camp that same weekend at Berry in a 24 hour survival “Camp Alaska”, format. Couple of dates that work are Feb 21 or 28 weekend. We’ll have more after our scouts discuss the details .
W. D. Boyce
We all know who Lord Baden Powell is, but do we know the rest of the story of the Boy Scouts of America. 
William D. Boyce was a millionaire newspaper publisher who, late in life, became an adventurer and explorer. After a safari to Africa in 1909 he came to London, awaiting his homeward ship to America, but promptly became lost in the confusing streets of Londontown. He was approached and assisted by a boy who led him to his destination but declined a tip for his efforts, explaining only that he helped “because I am a Scout”. Boyce had never heard of Boy Scouts, but after visiting the headquarters of Scouting in London he brought home a trunk full of Scouting books and uniforms, and dedicated himself to setting up the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).
Boyce obtained a charter for his group on 8 February 1910, but had no interest in running an organization, and almost immediately appointed a YMCA executive, Edgar M. Robinson, as Director of BSA. Scouting became popular in America, especially among urban boys, but Boyce severed his ties to the Boy Scouts of America. In 1915 he established the Lone Scouts of America, a new group that sought to appeal to rural boys. The Lone Scouts and Boy Scouts were merged in 1924. Boyce received the Silver Buffalo Award, Scouting’s highest honor, in 1926, and died of pneumonia in 1929.
Shawn Benjamin

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