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NB Boy Scout Newsletter – Sept. 2017

Troop 315 Newsletter

Back to school

The troop is working on a full calendar of outings,  Each patrol gave a list of things they want and the biggy, as with scouts, is more hikes and camping. 

Well, the leaders are ready for the challenge and are working with the youth leaders to make that happen.  Our plans include a district camp in October, hike and camp in November,  Camp Alaska and hike in January,  winter cabin camp in February.  The list is still adding up. 

With this month focusing on recruiting, my hopes are that more and more local youth get on the scouting program.  My newest patrol, the Panthers,  are buzzing with excitement and ready to embrace what traditional scouting has to offer.  

A 1950’s Boy Scout camp site (no propane burners, no smart phones)

Recently our troop had created a 1950’s model campsite for the 100th Anniversary of Camp Miakonda.  Living and working 1950’s style was a hoot.  Our troop relived parts of a former local scout’s life, Bruce Mauk, who had traveled to the 1953 Jamboree in Texas.  His wife (Gwen) shared his travel itinerary, charting their way from Toledo, Ohio to Irving TX. and his 1953 Boys Life magazines. Troop 315 still owns the Jamboree tents used in 1953 by the district.  I’m proud to say that I know Bruce and Gwen well and attend church with them.  If your a member of my facebook friends, I encourage all to check out my page which links you to video and photos.  I also owe a big thank you to Bruce and Gwen Mauk for their gift to the troop. 

Parents invited, Committee meeting

Thursday August 31 @ 7:00 was the troop committee meeting.  We invited parents, but also hope to add to our troop committee.  Assisting in programs, finance, leadership, records keeping, training, etc. are all vital to the success of our local Boy Scout charter.   The committee meets quarterly and doesn’t take too much commitment, but allows an open forum from our uniformed leaders to the parents who help make the troop a success.  Location is the scout house. 

Public Speaking Merit Badge

On September 10 and 17 at our meetings,  Mike Julien will be teaching for the Public Speaking merit badge. This is a great way to start off our young scouts towards Eagle.  

Join Scouting Night

September 14, Thursday at 7:00 pm, leaders from both Cubs and Boy Scouts will be at the Powell  Gym to recruit new scouts into the pack and troop.  Prior to the event, there will be boy talks in the elementary school, to inform all kids about the upcoming recruitment.  Although the majority of the kids are cub age,  we represent the Boy Scout side for older children who may want to join.  Everyone, talk to your friends, We are already at 31 scouts, but the bigger the better, I always say.

Homecoming Parade

September 22 is the NBHS homecoming parade,  We have been invited to march from Powell to the football field.  Line up starts at 4:45pm on Friday and step off is at 5:30 (from the Powell School?).  Full class A uniform required.  The cubs will raise the flag but we will be dismissed after the parade right before the game.

Luckey Fest

September 22 – 24, is the Luckey Fest in Luckey, Ohio.  Our troop will again assist Troop 337 in a food booth held at their festival.  Year after year, Scouts make big bucks at this fundraiser, so please sign up for a shift.  We will have drivers to and from the event, but parents are welcome to drive scouts themselves, if your schedule does not fit ours.  Food shifts are as follows:

Friday      5:00 – Close – 9:30ish

Saturday  6:30am – 2:00pm

Saturday  2:00pm – Close  9:30ish

Sunday     6:30 – Close 3:00pm ish (cleanup and teardown)

Note:  The shifts are long and parent support is very much needed, however,  the money each scout can earn is pretty substantial.  Scouts earned as much as $150.00 for the event.  Please let me know what shift works for you.  We are also arranging an overnight camp out with the event. 

Baden Powell Quote

“The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.”

Shawn Benjamin

One thought on “NB Boy Scout Newsletter – Sept. 2017”

  1. I just got a call from Gwen who corrected me on the trip. The destination for the Jamboree was Irving California, Not Texas. Thanks Gwen for helping me be accurate

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