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NB Boy Scout Troop 315 March Newsletter 2017

North Baltimore Boy Scout Troop #315 – March 2017 Newsletter

Camp Alaska   March 4-5

The troop will once again be camping out in a 24 hour survival winter camp.  We are required to hike 1/4 mile to our destination, set up a shelter, cook our meals over a fire which we each build.  Temps for the camp are mid 40’s, day temps and low 30’s, night.  Proper clothing, shelter materials and preparation are key to a great experience.  These camps challenge scouts and, build knowledge on outdoor survival.

Please show up ate the scouthouse Saturday morning at 8:00am ready to go.

Blue and Gold  March 5

We are the troop that welcomes Cub pack 372. Webelos II scouts and celebrate the crossover with them at their Blue and Gold ceremony.  Scouts.. please wear your full class A uniform as we welcome our newest recruits.

When:            Sunday, March 5th, 2017

Time:              6:00 pm

Where:           American Legion Post #539, North Baltimore

This Ceremony is to celebrate the year of Scouting, guide the Webelos II through the crossover to Boy Scouts and present ‘new cubs’ and Tigers with their first rank of Bobcat.  Cake & Refreshments will be provided after the Ceremony closing out the end of our event.

Personal Management merit badge

We will be working on the personal management merit badge through March.  This is an Eagle required merit badge and covers money and financial market , banking, loans,  family budget.  By the time your done with this merit badge, You’ll know why mom can’t always buy you that new video game console or cool Jordan shoes your begging her for 🙂

Eagle scout update

Kyle Gerdeman, Damon Dotson, Aiden Gore and Levi Trout have all committed to their Eagle projects.  As life scouts, these boys are getting involved with community and church to achieve the rank of Eagle.  Damon meets with council advancement committee to approve his project this month.  Aiden is almost done with his project.  Levi and Kyle are preparing their Eagle project proposals.

Summer camp details

I’m reposting the summer camp info since it will be fast approaching and fees will be a factor as deadlines get closer   Fees for 2017 Early bird, in council scout camp is $277.00 .  Here is the link from Camp frontier   Feel free to look at all summer camp has to offer.  I inform all parents in February so you have the option of spreading the cost over 4 months.  The early bird deadline is May 1,2017  .  3 payments of 92.34 each month.  Scouts can use any and all their accounts for this .

For parents to look at.  Camp Frontier 2017 leaders  guide link:

In preparation for camp , scouts will need an annual BSA physical,  BSA part A,B,C must be completed annually for scout to participate in camps of 72 hrs or longer  ::  These are due by June 1st,2017 and can be included in any checkup, sports physical, but must be signed by physician.  We keep them with us for all scouting events

Spring camporee April 14-15

A troop in Wood district is planning a lock in at the Fostoria YMCA.  It will include swimming and all YMCA amenities.  Scouts who are interested in attending will sleep over , meal provided, cost $15.00

May camps

I informed the committee about our leadership needs for the 2 upcoming camps in May. 2017.  Our 100th anniversary Miakonda retro camp and Armed forces day camp in Findlay are happening on the same weekend.  We would love some parents to help with this, but that’s not the rest of the story.  It is also the weekend that 7th and 8th graders are going to Washington D.C. and I am one of the parents going to D.C. as well.  This will all happen and I do believe I have great uniformed leaders but would love to invite parents to step in.

The Armed forces camp includes a GI breakfast we prepare each year and Troop 337 needs our help to make this happen, and the retro camp is very important to the success of Camp Miakonda’s 100th anniversary celebration, plus both camps do have a patrol that wants to attend

Retro patrol include  Noah P, Levi T., Zack L., Wyatt M., Damon D., Mason B. Aaron Boes & Jordan Coup,  leaders – Mike Julien, Tim Brown and Frank Boes

Armed Forces ,  Billy T, Conner B Clayton H.. Cade C.  Troop 337 , leaders , Joe White & Antheny Morrison

7th & 8th Graders not able to attend due to D.C.    Casey, Jordan K, Dom, Alex T, Alex B., Denny S.

Please let me know if I need to change either patrol rosters

White water rafting August 7-9

In August 2017  we will be planning a white water rafting trip to Ohio Pyle in PA.  Cost is $110 per person.  any scout and or parent can attend.  Cost includes camping, meals, travel and rafting for the day.  Last time we went, there were lots of sights we were able to see, Just ask Levi, Jordan K, Clayton, Mason, Noah P. Dom or Aiden G. about it.  We hope to have double the participants next year.  I will try to plan the 2nd week of August in hopes not to conflict with start of school or band camp.

Rafting update,  There are 2 other troops who will be participating on the trip:  Bradner and Bloomdale.

Parents , please talk with me if you or your scout wants to go.  Payment will be required 30 days prior to leaving.  Marci Byrd was one of the attending parents last time and she can fill you in on what to expect.

Baden Powell quote

The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.

A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.

A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.”

Shawn Benjamin
[email protected]

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