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NB Boy Scout Troop 315 March Newsletter

Scouts love to camp.  We camp when its Hot, cold, rainy, snowy and sub zero.  This weekend will test our survival skills.  Camp Alaska tests scout knowledge on making a shelter, selecting a proper area ,  cooking either on a stove or camp fire.  Dressing properly for the winter temps and hiking 1/4 mile to their sites.  The warm cabin will be nearby , just in case a scout needs a little warmth.

This weekend will be both fun and challenging.  Friday night will be our party night.  Pizza, games, lots of hyper scouts and the challenge of getting them to go to sleep before midnight.   Saturday we will send the camp Alaska scouts out and have the cabin scouts do some scout craft  build their skills in Tenderfot, Second class and First class knowledge.   Sunday, we pack up and head for home.

Many thanks to parents once again for fulfilling the grocery list.  This helps keep cost down plus keeps all our families involved with scouting.

Eagle Court of Honor 

A. J. Hotaling is having his Eagle Court of Honor at 2:00pm  on March 15, 2015 at The American Legion in North Baltimore.  Full class A uniform and Color Guard will be selected by the Hotaling family.  All scouts and families are invited .  The troop participates in the ceremony .  A.J. and his family will select scouts past and current to help with the Court of Honor.

Uniform Challenge

I have challenged all my scouts to wear their uniform and bring their scout book to the scout meetings.  I am offering a little something to all scouts at each meeting to get this task back into the routine.  Pretty much all of the other troops request scouts to at least wear their class A shirt to troop meetings so .  I’m still pretty easy going about it but will try to bring us into the habit of wearing our uniforms with incentives. Remember.  If you have outgrown your old one.  I can swap for free

Financial reminders 

Please keep these cost requirements up front so you don’t end up paying more for any outings coming up.

White water rafting trip requires a $50.00 deposit , to be paid, by March 15,2015.  The remaining $65.00 is due when we leave for Ohiopyle River.  The cost includes food, camping and rafting plus gas for the trip.  We will stop , to and from the camp at Mc’d’s for lunch and supper scouts will have to pay for.that.

The trip is on May 29 – 31, 2015.  We will need drivers for the trip.  Any adult who drives is covered by troop,  I’ll need 2 – 3 drivers.  I won’t be taking the van that weekend

Summer camp  is $258.50 for all scouts and Webelos . Deposit of $75.00 to be paid by March 30 and balance by May 1st.  I have approached the Eagles and am waiting on an answer for offset funding .  There is a 2 scout discount of 10% for additional scouts in the same family.  .  If you miss the deadlines.  the cost is $285.00

We are camping at Berry Scout Reservation again this year in Findlay Ohio.  and the dates are June 21 – 27.  We will be returning to Pioneer Scout Reservation in 2016 ,

BSA Physicals 

Since our summer program is fast approaching.  It’s that time of year to update your scout physical.  Scouts are required to have a BSA physical yearly to participate in all BSA scouting events. Here is the link to  BSA Physical Part A,B,C.  Final date to have them completed is June 1st.

Link to a digital form:,d.eXY

Calendar of upcoming events in March

March  8  Regular meeting

March 15  Court of Honor  2:00pm –

March 28  District Pinewood Derby.  Scouts to help with event

March ?? I think 22,  Blue and Gold

Quote from Lord Baden Powell

“In all of this, it is the spirit that matters. Our Scout law and Promise, when we really put them into practice, take away all occasion for wars and strife among nations.”

Shawn Benjamin –

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