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JUDGING TONIGHT – NB Christmas Decorating Contest

The North Baltimore Chamber of Commerce and the NB Garden Club are cosponsoring the 2014 Christmas decorating contest.

Judging will be on Sunday, December 14, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

There will be three cash prizes awarded: 1st prize $50, 2nd prize $30 3rd prize $20, and several Honorable Mentions (prize funds from NBACC).

However, people who won first place during the last three years will not be eligible for first place this year.

The judges from the Garden Club will canvass all streets within the village limits.

There will be no preregistration! Just turn on those lights!

2 thoughts on “JUDGING TONIGHT – NB Christmas Decorating Contest”

  1. I agree with R. Wolfe! I believe all homes should qualify to enter the contest, regardless if they won previous years or not. It motivates and inspires past winners to still compete and also do better than the year before. Bah humbug on these restrictions! I hope they reconsider and change the rules for next Christmas.

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