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NB Council Committee of Whole Agenda


Due to the Economic & Community Development Committee needing to leave at 7:00 pm (to hold the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant 1st Public Meeting) they will go first.

I. Call to order at 5:30 PM the Economic and Community Development Committee. Leisa Zeigler- Chair. Matt Beegle, Aaron Patterson members

1st Public Meeting for Neighborhood Revitalization Grant

II. Call to order at 5:45 PM the Public Utilities Committee. Tim Engard- Chair, Leisa Zeigler, Ty Carles members

Water Tower Financials
Water Plant Employee Pay

III. Call to order at 6:00 PM the Finance and Technology Committee. Matt Beegle- Chair, Ty Carles, Art Patterson members

Budget Discussion
Carryover history
Donation of Property to Village by Citizen

IV. Call to order at 6:15 PM the Public Works Committee. Aaron Patterson- Chair, Matt Beegle, Art Patterson members

Street Sweeper Financials
Storm Sewer Issue on Maple Street
Schedule for Maintenance of Storm Sewers
Discussion on Storm Sewer System (ERU) Rates & Outside Users

V. Call to order at 6:30 PM the Public Safety Committee. Art Patterson- Chair, Tim Engard, Leisa Zeigler members

Discussion on policy of approving overtime for part time & full-time workers

VI. Call to order at 6:45 PM the Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review Committee. Ty Carles- Chair, Tim Engard, Aaron Patterson members

Storm Sewer Policy Language Update
Job Description Update Plant Operators
Job Description Update Public Works
Job Description Update Public Works & Public Utilities SUPERINTENDENTS

VII. Mayor’s Items

VIII. Tree Commission

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