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NB Council Finance Committee Agenda – Oct. 20

Agenda for Tuesday, October 20th Finance Committee Meeting.

Finance & Technology-Leslee Thompson Committee Chair – Rich Rose, Bill Cameron

Duties: Review issues related to taxation policy, budget development and review Village investments; review and recommend electronic hardware and software for Village use. This committee will also serve as the audit committee to review annual unaudited financial statements, periodically review the process used to prepare the interim financial information given to Council, review the audit results, assure that audit recommendations are appropriately addressed and serve as liaison between management and the independent auditors.


Finance & Technology Committee Meeting October 20, 2015 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

North Baltimore Council Chambers, 205 N. Main Street

Goal: Finalize 2016 Budget to present 2016 Appropriation Ordinance to Council

1. Review Draft 2016 Budget
2. Andy Patterson- Review 2.7% Lump Sum Increase
3. Police Stipend
4. Mayor’s Salary
5. Clerk Pay
6. Other Finance Topics

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