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NB Council Minutes – Special Meeting Dec. 12


December 12, 2016


Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Goldner called the meeting to order at 5:15 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

Mayor Goldner–Here, Ty Carles- Here, Holly Emahiser- Here, Art Patterson-Here, Rich Rose—Here, Leslee Thompson-Here, Richard Van Mooy-Here, Clerk- Kathi Bucher- Here, VA-Allyson Murray

New Business/Legislation

Discussion on Economic Development Incentives- Wade Gottschalk presenter Introduction to council the idea of tax incentives in order to spur economic development in our area.

Ms. Murray asked him to come since he couldn’t attend the regular meeting on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Local jobs tax credit. The company would get a rebate back to them. Places that have this now are Northwood, BG and Bradner. Business needs to be new, new business comes with an option to expand. This is only on new payroll. You, the council would set the minimum threshold. Could use 3 to 5 years, most do no go more than that.

Mr. Van Mooy asked if it is set at 5 years, and the company doesn’t make that, what happens? They pay it back? Would this be an ordinance or policy? Up to council.

Ms. Murray will work on getting a few examples from the area about what they do.

Ms. Thompson asked, if 10 companies relocate- this would be those who meet the criteria? Would this be designed for everyone looking at us? Mr. Gottschalk, yes. LT, does this situation fall into the Land Use Program? Mr. G- determine land use locally- if zoned appropriately within the corporation limit. LT, how will this keep a level playing field? Businesses move out because it grows and the location is important… Mr. Van Mooy gave an example; He has a company, ABC, Ty works there, then Rich comes in, they pay tax to the village… they pay the same amount but the rebate portion goes back to the company of the new employee to offset the local cost.

Ms. Thompson wants to know what is next? Do we draft up something, do research, look at another application, find the average wage of the village, incentives… stay open ended. But what if a truck company tears up the road? Is it worth the $5,000 rebate if we have to fix the road at $10-15,000?

Ms. Murray, we have nothing ready at this time. Our mayor would like the package on the website if we do this. Need to look at our top employers.

Usually a company would look at a project that might offset the rebate for them. Ex: $5,000 could cover and expense they have for the year (garbage pickup).

A company pays attention to – the zoning plan, infrastructure at the site, and incentives. They compare area’s and look for the lowest. That is typically where they would end up.

IV. Old Business/Legislation

V. Adjournment

Ms. Thompson made a motion to adjourn at 5:55 PM. Second by
Mr./Ms. Everyone All approved.

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