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NB Council Special Meeting Minutes Dec. 11

December 11, 2018
After the COTW (PM)


I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Roll Call

Mayor Janet Goldner-Here, Matt Beegle-Here, Ty Carles- Here, Tim Engard -Here, Aaron Patterson- Here, Art Patterson- Here, Leisa Zeigler-Here, Student Representative- Zoey Beaupry-excused, Clerk Kathi Bucher- Here

III. Executive Session

Mr. Beegle made a motion to enter into executive session at 6:42 PM for 121.22 G1 to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, promotion, demotion or compensation of a public employee. Second by Mr. Art Patterson. All approved.

IV. Return to Regular Session

Mr. Carles made a motion to return to regular session at 7:12 PM. Second by Mr. Beegle. All approved. 
V. New Business

Ms. Lee has resigned. We need to advertise for a FO. Could hire Tony Swartz to help us close out the year. He can start right away.

Mr. Aaron Patterson made a motion to advertise from December 12, 2018 to January 1, 2019 for a Finance Officer with the pay range of $43,614,31 to $56,698.60 with experience. Second by Ms. Zeigler. All approved.

Mr. Beegle made a motion to hire Tony Swartz at a rate of $40.00/hr; plus PERS and Medicare. He is to report to the acting administrator as needed. Second by Ms. Zeigler. All approved.

VI. Old Business

VII. Adjournment
Mr. Aaron Patterson made a motion to adjourn at 7:33 pm. Second by Mr Carles. All approved.

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