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NB Cross Country Runs

On Tuesday, at Patrick Henry…….

Boys PH 29, McComb 37, NB 63
Girls won with having the only full team.
Patrick Henry
Marina KimmelSr.3yr(26:25)4th/8/10
Gabby KeplingSr.2yr(29:35)5th/9/10
Kyle GerdemanSr.3yr21:505th/18/26
Aiden GoreSr.3yr21:363rd/16/26
Noah PeltonSr.3yr18:591st/5/26
Rachel CrouseJr.2yr(25:51)3rd/7/10
Zion CookJr.(24:23)6th/20/26
Katie DewulfSo.1yrCDNFCDNF
Lydia HartmanSo.1yr(25:47)2nd/6/10
Sydnee SmithSo.1yr23:551st/4/10
Zeth JohnsonSo.1yr(24:35)7th/21/26
Wyatt MowerySo.1yr21:474th/17/26
Levi TroutSo.1yr19:392nd/7/26
Jordan KimmelFr.(24:59)8th/22/26
Boys3rd out of 3
Girls 1st out of 1


3-Oct Place
Patrick Henry
Caitlin Schwartz 13:59 1st/1/4
Lucy Trout 20:05 2nd/4/4
Casey Mowery 18:33 1st/8/8

Fotos by Ferg

NBJH XC at Patrick Henry
XC at Patrick Henry–NBJH’s Caitlyn Schwartz
XC at Patrick Henry
XC at Patrick Henry– NBHS Girls Team
XC at Patrick Henry–NBHS Boys Team
XC at Patrick Henry
XC at Patrick Henry-the Starting Line


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