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NB Custom Cuts Specials This Week

North Baltimore’s own butcher shop out at NB Custom Cuts on Insley Rd. Just off I – 75 at the Eagleville Road Exit.

10% OFF for Senior Citizens on Tuesdays!

Deer Processing – Tag and Deposit Required

We Accept:
Credit – Debit – EBT cards

Beef Chuck English Roast $5.49/lb.

Beef Chuck Chuck Roast $4.89/lb.

Pork Steak $2.79/lb. – Pork Cutlets $3.99/lb. – Western Style Ribs – $3.39/lb.

Boneless Chicken Breasts $2.89/lb.

Keystone All Natural Canned
– Beef $7.99 – Pork $7.99/lb. – Chix $6.89/lb.

Natural Casing Wieners

Deli Cheeses
Colby – Pepper – Swiss – Co-Jack

East-Carve Deli Ham $4.49/lb.

$2.00 OFF
Rib-eyes – T-Bone – Porterhouse

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