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November 27, 2021 3:26 pm


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NB EMS Report – Feb. 2019

North Baltimore EMS
205 N. MainSt.
North Baltimore, Ohio 45872
Phone: 419-857-8124

February 2019

North Baltimore EMS responded to 67 calls for service in February 2019, with a total of 127 runs on the year.

Calls consisted of:

● Cardiac – 3
● Motor Vehicle Accidents – 18
● Falls – 5
● FireAssistance – 5
● Lift Assists/Medical Alarms – 2
● Overdose – 0
Other Medical Emergencies 30

Of these calls for service 34 calls were in the Village, 7 0ut in Henry Twp., 17 calls onto I-75 and 5 in Bloom Twp.

Calls consisted of of39 ALS runs and 24 BLS runs (Advanced Life Support/Basic Life Support). 2nd squad called were 9 runs.

Call requests:

27 came in between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am,
36 came in between the hours of7am and 7 pm.

22 calls for service on the South side of the tracks and 4l on the North side of the tracks.

Average response time from EMS receiving the call, to EMT’s arriving at the Pt.  was 8.09 minutes.

North Baltimore EMS traveled 1,380 miles during the month using 160 ga11ons of fuel at the cost of $350.06.

With minimum repairs to lights on units as PM for the month.

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