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Village of North Baltimore FINANCE OFFICER’S REPORT Council Meeting April 21, 2015

  • Appropriation explanation:


a. Appropriation Ordinance: Funding to support a part-time EMS department from 7/1/15-12/31/15. Based on first quarter figures, it is estimated that 34,800.00 will need to be appropriated to fund a part-time EMS department for the second half of the year.  These funds are being expended from the general fund carryover.

b. Appropriation Ordinance: The village received a reimbursement check for hazmat services provided on route 75. Per fire chief, he would like these funds to be added back into his 2015 budget. The revenue amount is $577.79.  The appropriation is in the same amount.


c. Appropriation Ordinance 2015-11: $1,224.66 added to the 2015 EMS budget for Vehicle Repair. These funds are being expended from General Fund insurance proceeds.

2) Currently calculating the financial effects of the wage scale discussion at the 4/14/15 COTW. I will have more information at a later date.

3) Charles Harris and Associates is scheduled to begin the 2014 audit during the week of 5/11/2015.

4) Due to increasing fees from Huntington Bank, the Village Administrator and I have been exploring other banking options. We met with PNC Bank on 4/15, and we will be meeting with First Federal Bank on 4/20.

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