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Village of North Baltimore FINANCE OFFICER’S REPORT – Council Meeting – Jan 19, 2016 by Chris Kirk, F. O.

1) The Bill List from 12/29/2015 – 1/15/2016 is included for council review and approval on the claims ordinance.

2) I am still working to close out the year. Once I have the final figures, I will present a comprehensive 2015 financial analysis for council review.

3) Collections to note:

a. State Farm Guardrail Settlement: $971.70
b. EMS Donation – Gleaner Arbor: $100.00
c. Ohio Dept of Public Safety – Police: $800.00

4) Ordinance Explanation:


a. Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $971.70 to the Street Dept. budget. Back in July there was an accident that took out the cemetery guardrail. The county provided a quote for repairs, and we just received the check from the driver’s insurance for the costs of the repair. This appropriation is in the same amount.

b. Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $800.00 to the Police Dept. budget. The Police dept. was awarded a training grant from the state. This appropriation is in the same amount.

c. Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $9,802.04 to the EMS Dept. budget. The EMS dept. was awarded a BWC grant for a power cot. This appropriation will cover the Village portion of the grant.

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