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December 4, 2021 11:59 am


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NB Lions Club Collecting Used Eyeglasses

Do you have old eye glasses that are not being used or broken?

Please drop them off at the different collection boxes located across the Village: at the Powell School, the North Baltimore Grain Elevator or on Saturday Mornings at the North Baltimore Recycling Center.

The North Baltimore Lions Club will then take them to the Eyeglass Sorting Center in Pandora Ohio, there the glasses, lenses, frames and parts are sorted,cleaned, the prescription information is collected, then cataloged and packaged to be re-used. and in the cases where the parts can not be re-used the material is recycled.

The glasses, lenses, frame and parts are then shipped to the various locations, many in third world countries with teams of Volunteer Optometrist where they set up clinics, preform eye examinations and use your old glasses to fill the prescriptions needed to provide the vision to those who were unable to see correctly.

Over 2,000 pairs of glasses are processed per year at Pandora the Ohio Chapter of V.O.S.H site  (Volunteering Optometric  Services to Humanity)

V.O.S.H. believes in the freedom to see. Our mission is to provide the gift of vision and quality eye health to the people of the world.

If you would like more information about V.O.S.H the Ohio Chapter. please see their web  site:

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