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NB Little League Not Playing in 2016

The North Baltimore Little League is not going to be playing a season, as things stand at this moment, as far as we know. NB Little League has provided baseball/tee-ball opportunities of North Baltimore youth since some time back in the 1960’s!

The demands of modern day organizational requirements, along with parents and adults “moving on” as their children filter through the Little League Baseball Program, has led to one of those rare times when no one has stepped up to organize the NB Little League Season.

Last year’s organizers were Greg and Mickey Rockhill (as far as I know) and they, like so many others before them, need to move on.

If you are interested in keeping this North Baltimore Sports tradition alive, you might contact the Rockhill’s or possibly the NB Village Office for information.

There is the SouthWood “travel” League which plays games for most youth ages, in neighboring communities that are able to put together teams. Such as Bradner, Wayne, Cygnet, Bloomdale, etc. There are articles regarding this league elsewhere in

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