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October 24, 2021 6:18 pm


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NB Mock Crash Yesterday in NB

by JP Miklovic

It’s Prom Weekend in North Baltimore, so that means it’s time for the the Mock Crash at NB’s Memorial Field on South Tarr Street. Be prepared for the sights and sounds of response to a “mock” crash situation on the football field, early this afternoon. You are invited to attend this event, but be aware that it is graphic and sobering in the detail of the efforts of local law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, volunteer fire fighters and a host of folks who care!

The event is scheduled to begin at 1:00. Emergency services will be responding to the scene of the mock crash. Life Flight (if available) will also be on scene.

North Baltimore Police/School Safety Resource Officer (SRO), Mandy Slane coordinates the effort, with a great amount of cooperation and coordination from the schools, village employees, etc.  A “follow-up” to the Mock Crash is held on Friday morning, 8:30 am, in the Commons, at the high school. The presentation will deal with the aftermath of the previous day’s “tragedy”.

Mock Crash 2013
Mock Crash 2013

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