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NB Pack #372 Pinewood Derby 2018

The Dish on the Derby, An Evening with Pack #372 and Friends

By Jennifer Vanlerberg

Sawdust. So much sawdust. The magic number is 142 grams. That is the rulebook weight for a pinewood derby car. 155. 149. Nope. Pan to two dads on a mission to make sure everyone was eligible to participate. Drills were taking out chunks of racers right up until 15 minutes prior to the race. Success.

Twenty scouts sent their cars down the shiny metal track on Saturday, February 17, at Powell Gymnasium. Ten of those boys will be launching those same cars down tracks at Districts on March 17, at Eastwood Middle School. How did your favorite scout fare? Here’s the results…

The Lions (Kindergarten) are in their first year of existence, and were permitted to race in the Open race. Jackson Cook placed third in the open, behind Leah Trout (Under 17 winner) and Blaze Kline (second). Joe Novak, professional scout dad, took the overall title for the open narrowly passing Ms. Trout’s fancy pink “Barbie car.”

For the Tiger Cubs, Gabe Berger came in third, behind Logan Trout (who also took home the trophy for Best in Show, and the winner, Donivan Boyce, with his car “Black and Yellow.”

The Wolves had eight total participants. Rhys Williams took home third, Levi Vanlerberg came in second and Camden Mc Cartney’s “Old Glory” took first. Kale McDonald’s sword shaped “Excaliber” received “Best in show.”

The Bear Den is next, with Liam VanVooren taking the third place trophy home, next up in second was Boden Lanham, and the championship trophy went to Ian Ramirez for “Flash fire.”  Best of show for this group went to Joseph Rose.

Webelos One was a two man den consisting of Daniel Hinkle, (first place and Best of show for “Red Dragon”), and Noah Vanlerberg, Second, for “Pug Racer.”

Webelos Two was also a race between two young men. Mitchell Novak took first and Best of Show for “Last Ride.”  Isaiah Hernandez received second place.

All den champions then participated in a race to determine the overall winner for the evening. In a nail biter, Daniel Hinkle’s  “Red Dragon” could not surpass Mitchell Novak’s “Last Ride.”  All first and second place finishers will advance to districts.

The event was MC’d by the Talented Trout Duo of Tammy and Alex Trout.  Jesse Vanlerberg, Zach Trout, Josh Fennell, and Jordan Coup represented Troop 315 and lent a hand with judging and snack sales. Brian Vanlerberg, Sean Berger, Candace Boyce, Michael Boyce, Chris North, Stephanie Rose, Kelly Kaufman, Doreen Patterson, Arica Matthes, and Eric Trout all assisted in making this a memorable experience for the kiddos involved.

We would also like to thank Assistant Scoutmaster Joe White, and our own North Baltimore Gleaner Arbor for inspecting the cars and judging our “Best of Shows”, as well as for sponsoring our trophies. Finally, thanks to everyone that came and supported our scouts!

Top 5 cars 
Gabe Berger, Logan Trout, Donivan Boyce (Tigers)
Kale McDonald, Camden McCartney, Levi Vanlerberg, Rhys Williams (Wolves) 
Joseph Rose, Ian Ramirez, Boden Lanham, Liam VanVooren (Bears) 
Daniel Hinkle, Noah Vanlerberg, (Webelos One) 
Isaiah Hernandez, Mitchell Novak, Webelos Two
Overall Derby Winner, Mitchell Novak


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