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NB Police Annual Summary Report for 2015

Mayor Janet Goldner

Village Council      


The following is a breakdown of the calls for service that the Police Department handled.

Traffic Citations–                   128

OVI/DUI–                                7

Warnings–                               327

Parking Citations–                  32

Traffic Crashes–                     82        Public Property– 53    Private Property– 29 =  82


2903-   Field Interview Reports

236-     NIBRS- Reported Crimes-  The following is a breakdown:

2- Involuntary Manslaughter

2- Reckless Homicides

+++ NBPD was the 5th police department (in Ohio) to charge the Dealers for their involvement in a Heroin Overdose death.

6- Trafficking in Drugs cases- 12 Arrests

12- Ongoing Trafficking in Drugs Investigations.

22- Assorted Drug Charges/Arrests

1-Felonious assault

11– Assaults

3– Arsons

11– Burglaries

8– Breaking & Entering

63– Thefts

18– Domestic Violence.


Total–           144 Criminal Arrests-  10 Juvenile Arrests

That calculates to 1- arrest every 2.5 days.

Overall the police department is proactively addressing the drug problem  This is our highest year of drug arrests and trafficking cases to date.

With 236 reported crimes and 144 arrests our closure rate on cases is excellent.

I am very proud of the diligent work that the officers of this department are doing. 

Chief Allan D. Baer

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