North Baltimore, Ohio

September 22, 2021 4:06 pm


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NB Police: Two Indicted in Local Heroin Death

Two North Baltimore Residents were indicted by the Wood County Grand Jury on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 for their alleged involvement in the heroin overdose death of Todd Williams which occurred on Wednesday, May 27, 2015.
Bradley P. Stemen,31 was charged with one count Involuntary Manslaughter (F-1), and one count Reckless Homicide (F-3).  William R. Patterson, 33, was charged with one count Involuntary manslaughter (F-1), and one count Reckless Homicide (F-3).
On 05/27/2015 at 0713 hrs North Baltimore Police and EMS Personnel were dispatched to 308 W State St in North Baltimore,  in regards to an unresponsive male.  Todd Williams had passed away prior to the arrival of EMS and Police.
NBPD began investigating the incident and through the investigation were able to determine the names of  subjects who were directly involved. After a several month long investigation, the case was presented to the Wood County Grand Jury on 09/16/2015.
Both Stemen and Patterson were arrested by a combined effort of the North Baltimore Police Department, the Wood County Sheriff’s Office and United States Marshal’s Service.
They were transported to the Wood County Justice Center without incident.
submitted by Chief Allan D. Baer
North Baltimore Police Department
203 N. Main St
North Baltimore, Ohio 45872

5 Responses

  1. Great job. Unfortunately, 3 lives have been ruined because of drugs. Hopefully the 2 still living will have learned a lesson and get the help they are in need of soon.

  2. The police need to go after Will Paterson’s parents and Brad Stemen’s grandparents. They harbored these drug dealers. What you harbor you condone!

  3. Great job, so sad to see in the small wonderful town I still call home and get there when I can. Unfortunately I don’t think getting help for the addict has caught up with the effectiveness of the new laws and good police work.

  4. Heroine is the drug of choice for North Baltimore. As I moved here in 2013 and became a friend of the police department. I have heard of many young lives ruined because of this drug. Please watch your kids, teens, they are watching them too. I do believe that you need to watch the branches (friends) of your child, if they are not good, rip them off. If you as the parent don’t think the person you kid is hanging around is a good influence get rid of them. Don’t allow your child to hang with them. BE PROACTIVE IN YOUR CHILD’S LIFE.

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