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NB Powell School Announcements – Getting Ready for School

By Pamela Van Mooy, Interim Principal at Powell

Now that the calendar has been flipped to August the thought of starting school will come to mind. Although students might not be happy, there are a few things that may make the start of school a little smoother for both parents and students.

Consumable school supplies have been purchased by an anonymous donor. This means that Powell School parents do NOT have to buy paper, pencils, glue, crayons and other standard school supplies. Parents must send a bookbag and tennis shoes. There a few grade level specific supplies that parents must purchase. That list is printed elsewhere. With the state of Ohio declaring a sales tax holiday from August 7-9 on all school supplies and instructional materials less than $20 and clothing/ footwear less than $75, this is an ideal time to purchase those needed supplies at the tax free rate. In fact it is suggested that you pick up some additional pencils and paper for homework needs during the year.

The second suggestion for a smooth start is to begin now to establish the bedtime routine. We know that children need more sleep in order to function well in school. The rule is usually around 8-10 hours nightly. During the summer bedtimes are usually more lax, so start now and gradually move it back to the school night time. You should use the routine of bath, quiet story and lights out, which many families use from the very beginning. Make sure that electronics are turned off! That includes phones and video games. You may need to take them from the room. The week before school starts is a good time to start waking the child earlier and starting the breakfast/getting dressed routine. Sleeping in is great on weekends but not helpful in the classroom. Being tired or sleepy puts the child at a disadvantage because directions and other standards for the day are given first thing. They need to be ready to go. Breakfast will once again be served at school but students must be there by 7:45am. School begins at 8:00am.

The third suggestion sounds simple but it may be harder than it sounds. Turn off the TV and electronics and have your child spend 15-30 minutes doing some “school-type” activity during the day. This could be reading a book, writing their numbers, creating some number problems and solving them, or writing a few sentences about what they did yesterday. It could also be playing a board or card game. Don’t make it a long stretch of time, but make it something they do alone. This allows them to get back into the work mode.

The last suggestion is for parents and grandparents. Get involved with your child and the school. See that they come to school with the right attitude. Now is the time to start talking about the fun they will have at school. Relieve anxiety by being excited when you talk about how awesome it will be with a new teacher and new classmates. Remind the child of the good things that happened last year and emphasize that this is a new year and a new start! We, at Powell, are looking forward to this new school year.  We have much to do but we also have fun along the way. We look forward to seeing you at Open House(Aug 17 from 5-7pm) and on the first day of school August 18th!

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