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December 7, 2021 10:23 pm


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NB Rotary Club Meeting Notes

The North Baltimore Rotary Club met on Tuesday August 4, at Noon at the Iron Skillet for their weekly meeting.

 After lunch, John Kelley, this year’s President of the North Baltimore Rotary Club, brought the meeting to order.

 Topics included:

·       The success of the Corn Hole Tournament during the Good Ole Summertime Festival.  The winner of 1st place was Steve Ford and Jeremy Brown. 2nd Levi Newcomer and Noah Brian and Third Place Sean and Jordan Watson.

·       Approving the fund transfer of $500 to  Hailey Powell, daughter of Charlotte Powell, for her Outbound Foreign Exchange Program to the Netherlands.  These fund will help defray some of her travel expenses.

·       The display of the International Shelter Box that was set up next to the Gazebo during the North Baltimore Good Ole Summertime festival.  This was a replica of the Shelter Box that the North Baltimore Club sponsored for international disaster relief. The Relief Package ($1000) was donated by the generous giving.  These dollars were given by North Baltimore Rotary Members and their family. The Shelter Box is a sealed box with handles that can be easily taken to disaster ravaged areas of the world.  It allows people and families a box of essential tools and housekeeping items that are needed when these disaster victims have lost everything. It must be remembered that sometimes the infrastructure is also decimated in their cities, towns or villages. A few items that are contained in each shelter box are: a tent with zip windows, doors and screens, ground sheets and  thermos blankets, water purification and storage items, solar lamps, cooking utensils, basic tools, children activity packages, first aid kit with some medical supplies, rope, etc.

The one that the North Baltimore Rotary Club bought for export was ear marked for the Earthquake ravaged country of Nepal. We hope and pray that a needy family will be able to get back to firm footing with this donation by the North Baltimore Rotary Club. If you feel compelled to donate to this worthy cause please call or reach out to any North Baltimore Rotary Member. Where you too  can “Be a Gift to the World”.

Rotary Wirt Stimmel Tyler Wilbur Bill 2015
Bill Wirt and Tyler Stimmel at the Rotary meeting

Upcoming Polio Plus Program

·       Gregg Glamm gave some of the work assignments for the upcoming annual Rotary Corn Roast on August 17, 2015.  This year’s Roast will be held at the North Baltimore American Legion.  Fellowship and conversation will begin at 5:30 PM, dinner at 6:30 PM and an exciting program and key note speaker will follow.

·       Bill Wirt requested Butterscotch Pie for desert, the request was tabled in committee.

·       The Program for this meeting was arranged by Rotarian Dennis Miller.  His speaker and guest was Tyler Stimmel. Tyler gave a day by day overview of his days spent as a North Baltimore delegate during this past Boy’s State held at Bowling Green State University. Tyler came to thank The North Baltimore American Legion for arranging the trip and  The North Baltimore Rotary Club for their financial support of his Buckeye Boy’s State experience.  Some of the trip he like and some of the trip, he did not like.  Tyler’s high points were is group of newly met friends.  The parts he did not like were the food.  His said his mother’s was much better.  He also lamented about walking seven miles in a suit and tie in 90 degree weather.

·       During questions and answers following his program, Bill Wirt stated that it sounded like not much has changed at Boy’s State in 75 years.  The information surfaced that Rotarian Bill Wirt was too a Boy’ State representative to North Baltimore nearly 75 years ago at one of the first Buckeye Boy’s State ever held.  Bill said it was held in Columbus Fair Grounds back then.  Tyler and Bill viewed some of the photos that Tyler took and brought back to share with the club.

·       Final topic an discussion was that some of the area High School Seniors that had applied for and were granted a Rotary Scholarship had not submitted for reimbursement from the club.  A few of the Rotarians stated that they would look into the matter.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM

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