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May 27, 2022 3:32 am


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NB School Board holds November meeting

The North Baltimore Board of Education held their November meeting at the NBMS/NBHS building last Tuesday at 6:00pm. Board member Cheryl Cotterman was absent.

It was mostly standard business, as the group quickly made their way through the agenda.

Teacher Stephanie Lauer made a short presentation to the Board, seeking approval to take a few students to a volunteer service project for Habitat for Humanity in Grand Rapids, Michigan over their spring break. The trip would be paid for  by fundraisers, and would be no cost to the board. The board will wait until December to respond to the request.

During the treasurer’s report, Eve Baldwin stated the Back-to-School Reineke test drive held at the Powell Open house provided $2950. Also the recent “Great American Fundraiser” held at the elementary was quite successful, providing almost $16,000 to help fund activities and special projects for the students there.

During the Superintendent’s report, Mr. Delaney stated how thrilled he was to get results of recent reading testing. There was 80% passage for Pre K through 3rd grade. He reminded everyone that there are holiday programs and sports events every day from December 1 through December 18, and he hopes to see the community out supporting our kids as much as they are able to.  He also shared his frustration with the updated school website not being up and running, as was expected over a month ago. “Hopefully there will only be another 11 days of delay”, he said.

Dr. Bob Falkenstein announced basketball season has started. He informed the board and others there, that OHSAA rules require a administrator to be present at all home and away games for varsity  basketball. “We go beyond the requirements, and also attend all wrestling events” he stated. He also announced the current round of drug testing was nearly complete. Another topic of interest across the state, is the questioning of the value of HS exams, based on the fact that they are also subject to state-wide testing. North Baltimore will have semester exams December 17-18. Dr. Falkenstein said, “I allow students to arrive late or leave early if they have study labs at the beginning or end of those days.” He also shared his frustration with the school website delay.

Mr. Lockwood was absent, but sent a written report. He was pleased to have 101 children have perfect attendance for the first grading period, and celebrated with them, by serving them their lunch, dressed as a waiter. He also expressed how proud he was of the 9 Powell students who auditioned and performed in the recent Variety Show, held at the High School.

The board also approved a resolution to “renew” an Earned Income tax Levy and declaring it necessary to raise a specified amount for school district purposes and requesting the State Tax Commissioner to estimate the respective rates at which it would be necessary to levy a School District Income Tax to produce that amount. The current Levy was voted for in 2006, after the State did away with the “Tangible Property Tax” which had been providing the school with around $800,000 per year. It will expire in 2016.  A “renewal” would not be a new tax. It currently provides approximately $700,ooo per year to the District. The “renewal”, which will be on the ballot in May,  would continue to fund the school until 2023.

The Board also approved the 2015-2016 School Calendar.

The Board approved a recognition of an indoor track program from January 2015 through March 2015 to allow students to compete in the state indoor track meets as members of our district. All costs, travel, and liability will be the individual’s responsibility. It is considered an individual sport.

Lastly, the Board accepted a donation of $2200 from the Wellness Fund for employee wellness programs, and another donation of proceeds from the crops harvested on the district property of $7,654.53 for the 2014 season. Mr. Delaney said this was a little lower than last year, apparently because of a dropped price for soybeans. “This is done  at absolutely no cost to us. We thank the Caseys. They are just a wonderful, wonderful family”

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