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NB Schools 2017-18 Bus Routes

2017-18 Bus Routes

We will continue to have pick-up and drop-off points at two (2) locations for our in-town students.   Those locations are as follows.  All other country routes will remain relatively the same.

 In-Town Pick-up & Drop-off Locations

Board Office – 201 S. Main Street    7:40 AM Pickup

 2:45 PM Drop off

Powell Elementary – 500 N. Main Street    7:45 AM – 2:45 PM (for MS/HS)

Bus #4 – Sue Phillips  – Preschool Bus Route – Pick up times to be given to parents at Preschool Open House.   Special needs preschool students will be picked up and dropped off door to door – typical preschool students will be transported as available space and time allows on the route. (TBD).  FIRST DAY FOR PRESCHOOL IS SCHEDULED  FOR WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23RD. 

Bus #5 – Vickie Grilliot

7:00 AM         Deshler Rd.

7:10 AM         Bairdstown Rd.

7:15 AM         Deshler Rd.

7:20 AM         Galatea Rd.

7:25 AM         Eagleville Rd.

7:30 AM         Poe Rd.

7:35 AM         Poe Rd.

7:40 AM         St. Rt. 18 into town

7:41 AM         North Baltimore Rd. (South)

7:42 AM         Powell Elementary School – Drop Off (Pick up MS/HS Students)

7:45 AM         Board Office – (Pick up MS/HS Students)

7:50 AM         MS/HS Building

Bus #6 – Eloise Matthes  – Findlay & Bowling Green Route – Picked up and dropped off door to door.  Contact the board office for times if needed. First day of school for Bowling Green is Thursday, August 17th and first day for Findlay is Wednesday, August 16th.

Bus #7 – Rhonda Okuley

6:45 AM         Hough Rd.

6:50 AM         Quarry Rd.

6:52 AM         Oil Center Rd.

6:55 AM         Potter Rd.

7:00 AM         Hammansburg Rd.

7:05 AM         E. Freyman Rd.

7:10 AM         Jerry City Rd.

7:15 AM         Ohio Oil Rd.

7:20 AM         Quarry Rd.

7:25 AM         E. Broadway

7:30 AM         Eaglelanding

7:40 AM         Powell School Drop Off – (Pick Up MS/HS Students)

7:50 AM         MS/HS Drop Off

Bus #8 – Sue Mills – Penta Route – Penta students should be at the MS/HS Building for pickup at 6:50 AM – Additional AM pick-ups and PM drop offs will be as scheduled through the board office.   New Penta students begin on Wednesday, August 16th.  Returning Penta students begin Thursday, August 17th.   Penta’s start time is 8:10 AM.

Bus #9 – Bev Breyman

6:45 AM         N. North Baltimore Rd.

6:50 AM         Mitchell Rd.

6:55 AM         Hammansburg (town)

7:00 AM         Mitchell Rd.

7:05 AM         14000 – 13000 Hammansburg Rd.

7:10 AM         13000 Freyman Rd.

7:12 AM         N. Rudolph Rd.

7:15 AM         Oil Center Rd.

7:20 AM         3000 Rudolph Rd.

7:25 AM         Quarry Rd.

7:30 AM         Rudolph Rd.  (Dold home area elementary)

Rudolph Rd.

7:35 AM         Mitchell Rd.

7:40 AM         Water St.

7:42 AM         Board Office Pick Up

7:45 AM         Powell Elementary Drop Off

7:50 AM         MS/HS Drop Off

Students should be ready and out waiting for the buses if weather permits.  Route times may vary the first week of school but the routes have remained relatively the same.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to meet the transportation needs of our students safely and efficiently.  If you need further bus route information, please contact Sandy Stewart at the Board of Education Office at 419-257-3531.

 Building Times are as follows:

MS/HS – 8:00 AM – 2:41 PM

Powell – 8:03 AM – 2:30 PM

(Busses unload & breakfast begins at 7:45 AM)

AM Preschool – 8:03 – 10:40 PM Preschool  – 11:55 – 3:05 PM

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