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November 27, 2021 4:00 am


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NB Students spend Spring Break Volunteering in Michigan

from Ms. Stefanie Lauer – NBHS English 11/12, iWrite, Student Council Co-Advisor, Paws for a Cause Advisor 

North Baltimore High School Seniors Mariah Archer, Allison Beaupry, Leslie Busch, and Lindsay Davis spent their spring break in Port Huron, MI building for the Blue Water Habitat for Humanity Restore. On the last day of our trip our construction manager asked the girls what their favorite part was, and while many mentioned the power tools they learned to use, they all agreed that actually “everything” was their favorite part.

Leslie Busch building office walls
Leslie Busch building office walls

I have never been so impressed with a group of people as I was with these four girls the entire week long. There was not one moment when they disappointed me, but instead I was continually surprised and inspired. There were so many obstacles that came up and so many hilarious stories along the way. Yet even when they learned we would be sleeping on the floor, or we would have to improvise for showers for the week, they never once complained. Instead, at the end of the week they responded that everything was their favorite part of the trip and they truly meant that. Their comments continued to inspire me as we drove to the site each day, and I heard them say nothing negative, but instead how appreciative they were, and how they realized how much good they have in the lives that many others don’t.

Mariah Archer using the nail grinder
Mariah Archer using the nail grinder

It’s my third year at NB, and I am continuously impressed, proud, and grateful for all of the students I have gotten to know over the last three years. I never have any doubt in my mind that they all could become great, successful individuals and these four girls proved that during their spring break.

Lindsay Davis building office walls
Lindsay Davis building office walls

Most Habitat for Humanity volunteers like to build houses because, as they said at our volunteer dinner, that is the glamorous part of Habitat. However, because of weather conditions, these girls worked at the Restore ensuring that Blue Water Habitat for Humanity can remain sustainable and afford to build more houses for years to come. Restores sell donated items at a reduced price and use the profit to build more houses. Blue Water HFH has only had their Restore since September, and there is still so much that needs to be done. From their first moment there, the girls were carrying in huge loads of wood, shingles, donations, then painting, cleaning, nailing, and learning how to use all different kinds of saws and power tools. Yet, the only comments I heard were “thank you for being patient and allowing me to learn from you,” “thank you for having us here,” and so forth.

 Allison Beaupry Using the Circular Saw
Allison Beaupry Using the Circular Saw

On our last day the Restore manager told the girls they had fantastic attitudes, were tremendous helps, and were welcome back any time. He also told them to make sure to tell their parents how proud they should be of them, and how their parents did something right to raise such remarkable girls. I could not agree more.

So from the bottom of my heart, parents, NB community, and all who bought a raffle ticket or donated money so we could have that experience, I am forever grateful. According to Independent Sector, a volunteer hour in Michigan is worth $22.13, meaning the girls saved Habitat over $2655.60 on their trip. You should all be proud of the children you are raising and the community you are creating here in NB. I know I am, and I now know Port Huron, MI, and all the lives that will be touched by their work, will be too.

Thank You!
Thank You!

Thanks again to everyone who made this trip possible,

Ms. Stefanie Lauer
NBHS English 11/12, iWrite, Student Council Co-Advisor, Paws for a Cause Advisor

Special Thanks to Our Larger Sponsors: The Eagles, Midwood, Eastern Stars, NBEA, Jan Rush, Jo Busch, The University of Findlay Habitat for Humanity, Becky Lauer, Stacy Lauer-Scovanner, Melissa Beaver, Mariah Hohman, and Val Hohman.

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  1. Good job ladies! You are inspirational role models. What an incredible act of selflessness and a great learning experience. Thanks for your hard work and thank you Stefanie for providing the opportunity and the write-up. It’s so nice to see acts of greatness coming from our community.

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